1. Organisers: The competition is organised by CEVISAMA, the International Fair for Architectural Ceramic, Bathroom and Kitchen Equipment, Natural Stone, Raw Materials, Frits, Glazes and Colours and CDICV, the Official Guild of Interior Designers of the Comunidad Valenciana.

2. Competition venue: The Feria Valencia exhibition centre.

3. Exhibition dates: 5th – 9th February 2018.

4. Competition date: On the first and second days of the fair, 5th and 6th February the jury will tour the fair, with the CDICV team, and assess the spaces created by the exhibitors that have applied to enter the competition and whose applications have been accepted. Their assessments will take into account the criteria set out in these Rules and Regulations.

5. Assessment criteria: The following values will be assessed:
Quality of Stand Design: The jury will assess the degree to which the exhibitor’s design has been correctly executed.
Stand Originality: The criteria being assessed will include innovation, shapes and materials, in relation to each of the stand’s levels.
The Stand and its Content as a Whole: The judges will assess the extent to which the stand as a unit and the products exhibited within it – the content – are in harmony.

6. Entrants: The competition is open to all companies registered to exhibit at CEVISAMA 2018 and that are building their own stand, in any of the sections of the fair and regardless of the type of product being exhibited. The competition is not open to shell scheme exhibitors.

7. The prize: A FIRST PRIZE will be awarded to the company that best meets each of the assessment criteria described above. Two runner-up prizes will also be awarded. All will receive a certificate and special signage will be attached to their stands. The winner will also receive a trophy. The jury reserves the right to award additional prizes at its discretion.

8. The jury: The jury will be appointed by the CDICV, will be totally independent and its members will be interior design professionals both well-known and respected for their ability to judge. The jury will be accompanied by a team of experts from the CDICV’s Board of Governors, who will
support and attend the Jury during the judging process. THE PRIZE WINNER will be determined by unanimous or majority vote. The Jury’s decision will be final and the Jury will give its reasons for awarding each of the PRIZES.

9. Entry applications: The Cevisama administration department will send an application form to enter the competition to all companies that have registered to exhibit. The form will be sent to the address the companies have provided and companies wishing to apply to enter must be return the
completed form by 31st January 2017.

10. Deadline: The deadline for receipt of completed forms is 31st January 2018.

11. Publicity: The Winning Company will be given as much publicity as possible through Cevisama’s communications media (newsletter mailings, press releases, website, social media).

12. Award Ceremony: A room will be made available for the PRIZEGIVING ceremony, to which the media will be invited along with all entrants and the general public, the Jury, the members of the CDICV and representatives of CEVISAMA.



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