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Prepare your visit

How do I get a visa to come to Feria Valencia ?
Exhibitors and visitors who need a letter of invitation in order to obtain a Visa can complete the “INVITATION LETTER” form you can access by clicking here: Cevisama will then use the details you provide to generate a document that you can print out, along with the rest of the required documents, and take to the Spanish Embassy in the country you are travelling from. We look forward to seeing you soon at Feria Valencia.
The fair takes place from 5th to 9th February in Valencia, Spain. We would remind you that you need to apply for your visa at least two months ahead of the fair. If you have any queries regarding the visa application process specifically, do go to the Spanish Embassy website: www.mae.es .For more information, contact Mª José Sanfelix at Feria Valencia: Tel.: +34 96 386 14 43 Fax: +34 96 386 11 55 e-mail: mjsanfelix@feriavalencia.com www.cevisama.com

Differences between trade fairs and other marketing tools:
The main features that differentiate trade fairs from other forms of marketing are: They are essential sales tools that bring supply and demand together in a specific time and place, making it easier for the two to meet and interact (quality audience). Trade fairs also facilitate personal contact and bring the product to the potential customer, so the supplier can see their reaction to it. Trade fairs offer a productive business environment as both exhibitors and visitors are in a positive frame of mind. Trade fairs have become BUSINESS CENTRES not just because of the amount of business that is done but also because they are now a hub for developing other forms of relationship within the industry in question. Initiatives that have a natural home at trade fairs include setting up joint ventures and sectoral strategies, international collaboration schemes, market research and product testing.

What do trade fairs have to offer that other marketing tools do not?

1. COMMERCIAL EFFICIENCY: Trade fairs rank second in the league table of effective sales mechanisms, just behind the sales force itself (according to a 1998 report by the USA based Center for Exhibition Industry Research-CEIR). The unique features of trade fairs mean that they are a marketing tool that facilitates and accelerates sales processes.

2. COST SAVINGS: Exhibiting at trade fairs can result in significant savings, for two reasons: the sheer number of buyers and suppliers who congregate together in one place and the fact that the fair organisers invest heavily in marketing through their sales force, advertising, promotion, PR and market research.

3. INFORMATION: According to a study by Simmons Market Research Bureau (1997), trade fairs are the most efficient way of gaining market intelligence as they facilitate a two-way flow of information (supplier-client and vice-versa). Fairs are the ideal forum for discussing issues and analysing new trends with other industry professionals.

Why come to Feria Valencia ?
Feria Valencia is Spain’s pioneering exhibition centre and since its earliest days has been a national and international benchmark for the industry. Feria Valencia is Spain’s leading trade fair institution on all counts including the floor area available for exhibitions, the number of trade fairs held each year, the number of international events it stages and the fact that it hosts the biggest and most prestigious fairs in Spain. Feria Valencia is a dynamic, innovative venue that evolves in tune with emerging requirements and circumstances in the marketplace: it refreshes its offering all the time, devising new events and adapting existing ones to reflect the current drivers in the industry concerned. It operates a participative management model that combines industry knowledge and the involvement of the industry’s operators with its own experience of organising and running trade shows. Feria Valencia enjoys an exceptional location at the heart of the fastest developing part of the Mediterranean. Also, Valencia has modern infrastructures that provide fast links to the rest of the peninsula and to Europe. The venue’s expansion project created the biggest and best exhibition space in Spain: 230.000 m² of exhibition floor space designed to innovative architectural criteria that fulfil the needs of both exhibitors and visitors. Feria Valencia has opted for an urban model, just 5 kilometres from the centre of Valencia and has invested heavily in creating means of access that are convenient for exhibitors and visitors. Feria Valencia’s ISO 9002 certification is a testament to the organisation’s professional standing and excellence as a venue and it was Spain’s first exhibition centre that AENOR certified as ISO 9002 compliant.
What services does Feria Valencia provide?
Feria Valencia provides a broad range of services for exhibitors’ and visitors’ convenience; more exhibition space and more services designed to help people do BUSINESS. Click here for details of the services.
How do I get more information about the services Feria Valencia offers?
BEFORE THE FAIR: To find out more about the services described above, or if you have any other queries, contact the fair’s manager directly. They will advise you regarding procedure, application deadlines and other important facts.
DURING THE FAIR: Should you have an issue to resolve related to the services you have booked you should contact customer services on 96 386 13 13. Before the fair opens you will receive a letter with a list of telephone numbers you can call if you have any queries at all.
What are the benefits of coming to Feria Valencia as a visitor?
You will be able to gather a large amount and variety of information in a short space of time, gaining an overview of the market. You will also have the opportunity to attend the demonstrations and presentations of new products and/or services, which will give you an insight into the latest developments in the industry whilst seeing the exhaustive range of the products on show means you can compare prices, terms and technical specifications. Attending the parallel events (conferences, seminars etc.) and exchanging opinions with experts and other agents in the industry will keep you up to date with current trends. You will also be able to try before you buy and find solutions to existing technical problems and requirements whilst simply being at the fair is bound to inspire you with new  ideas. Fairs also afford an opportunity to see current suppliers, make contact with others, find new suppliers in the industry, connect with other operators and set up collaborative networks. Lastly, attending a fair is the best way to decide whether to be an exhibitor in the future. .
How can I get optimum results from coming to Feria Valencia?
Checklist :
PHASE 1: Approximately three/four months in advance, set the objectives you want to achieve by attending. Gather information about the fair: ask the fair’s manager for data on the industries being represented, on the companies exhibiting, the parallel events etc. and request the visitor leaflet. Plan your trip: book your accommodation, decide how you are going to travel and make the relevant reservations. If you are coming from outside the European Union you will need to get your passport or visa in place. Apply for your trade visitor registration card.
PHASE 2: About two months in advance, draw up your daily plan of action: set up a timetable for seeing the exhibitors at the fair and determine how much time you are going to devote to other activities. Plan other visits, how you will tour the pavilions to look for new products and suppliers, find out about the industry and current trends and which parallel events you will attend. Draw up a questionnaire that you can use as a script in your meetings with exhibitors and that will reveal important information. Book any translation and/or interpreting services you may need if you do not speak the language of the companies you are going to see.
PHASE 3: Around one month ahead of the fair, contact the exhibitors you want to see and make appointments to see them. Check that you have received any invitations from exhibitors you are expecting to receive one from and request one if not. Create working notes to include Company name, name of contact, location within Feria Valencia (pavilion and stand number), time of meeting etc. Register, if necessary, for any parallel events of interest.
PHASE 4: After the fair, Contact any new suppliers you are interested in, analyse the information you have gathered and compare the alternatives the different suppliers offer. Assess the results.
How can I achieve my objectives as a visitor to a fair?
In order to evaluate your participation as a visitor to a trade fair you need to ask yourself some questions that will help assess the results obtained correctly and enable you to take corrective measures next time round: visiting a trade fair should not be an impromptu decision. You should set specific objectives and plan your visit sufficiently far ahead. The visit will not yield immediate results but, rather, the benefits of having attended will come through in the medium to long term. Prioritize your visits: you should go to see exhibitors in order, starting with those that are of most interest to you, so it is important that you plan your time at the fair in advance. It is useful to take notes about the products and their features: prices, forms of payment, guarantees, technical support etc. in order to be able to assess options later. It is advisable to attend the parallel events (seminars, workshops, conferences etc.) and product presentations to get yourself up to speed with the latest trends and products. You can make an overall assessment of the results based on all the benefits you have derived from attending the fair. As well as orders placed, you should bear in mind other added value such as the ideas you have had that you can bring to your company, the exchange of opinions and contact with other industry professionals you have enjoyed, having seen products ‘in the flesh’ as it were, having seen new products and so on.
Access for Groups
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