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Permanent activities

These activities will take place during all the days of the fair.

CevisamaLab Design Awards
Exhibition of the winning projects in the ceramic design and bathroom design competitions. Distributor Level 2

Ceramics and bathroom exhibition
Central Distributor Level 2

EXCO. Construction Technology Exhibition.
1st, 2nd and 3rd March. Feria Valencia Events Centre. Auditorium 1 A.


Daily activities

Check out all the daily programme that takes place during the fair.


Monday, 27th February

17:30h. Alfa de Oro Awards. Joaquín Rodrigo Hall.

Tuesday, 28th February

10:30 h. ASCER PRESS CONFERENCE. Auditorium 3A Events Centre. Press conference followed by the presentation of the XXI Ceramics Awards for Architecture and Interior Design.

13:00 h. Tribute to the interior designer Tono Lledó Marsell. Joaquín Rodrigo Hall.

13:30 h. Cevisama Stand Award Ceremony. Joaquín Rodrigo Hall.

Auditorium 1A Events Centre.

16:00 h. Lecture by David Chipperfield. Lecture by David Chipperfield. Neue Nationalgalerie refurbishment, Berlin (Germany)
17:00 h. Lecture by Anne Lacaton. Lecture by Anne Lacaton. Transformation of housing at Grand Parc, Bordeaux (France) 
18:00 h. Lecture by Francis Kéré. Lecture by Francis Kéré. Surgical Clinic and Health Center with annex Doctors’ Housing, Léo (Burkina Faso)

Wednesday, 1st March

Joaquín Rodrigo Hall.

11:00h. Talk by Superestudio.
12:30h. Talk by Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari.

Joaquín Rodrigo Hall.

12:20h. Opening. By the President of the Association, Vicente Bayarri. Manager of the Association.

12:30h. Renewable hydrogen and its applications in the industrial sector. Juan José Rodríguez Ballesteros. Partner and founder of the greenb2e group.

13:15h. Forthcoming approval of RD 20/2022 aid, based on the European Commission’s Temporary Framework. Campaigns 2022-2023 promotion of ceramic materials. Elena Santiago Monedero. General Secretary of Hispalyt.

13:45h. Closing. Pedro Rognoni Escario. President of Hispalyt.

Thursday, 2nd March

Joaquín Rodrigo Hall.

11:00h. Talk by Burr Studio.
12:30h. Talk by Persevera Producciones.

Levell 2 Pavilion 3

11:30h. How is the natural stone industry reinventing itself? Anil Taneja. Natural Stone Sector Analyst and Director of Stone Gallery, N2P3, stands G1-G13.

From 12:00h. to 14:00h. Meeting of members of the Superior Council of Architects. Events Centre, Room 4A.

Joaquín Rodrigo Hall.

12:00 h. Ceramic distribution, challenges and threats in a changing market.

12:30 h. Presentation of ESVEC. The reputational value of professional ceramic shops.

13:00 h. Distributor awards ceremony.

Friday, 3rd March

From 9:30h. to 14:00h. Annual General Assembly of the General Council of the Association of Interior Decorators and Designers. Buyer’s Club. Mall Level.

12:30 h. Presentation of prizes to the winners of the Ceramic and Bathroom Design Competition. Central Distributor Level 2.

Cevisama Build Forum

Check all the related programming on sustainable construction and bio-construction, located on Level 3, Pavilion 1.


Tuesday, 28th February

10:00h. Ceramics and sustainability in building. Javier Mira. ITC.

11:00h. Presentation of GECOL TERM SATE system. Florind Merkoçi. GECOL.

11:30h. The roof as an architectural envelope. Diana Torres Gomez, Manager Specification and Technical Support – Pitched Roof. Chova.

12:30h. Cultural transformation: The challenge towards eco-sustainability in the bathroom. Jordi Soler. CEO Ramón Soler.

13:00h. Ceramics in Passivhaus. Elena Fortes, Director of the Passivhaus Valencia 2023 Conference.

13:30h. Orange.bat: Green hydrogen for the decarbonisation of the ceramics cluster. José María Llopis. Managing Director Spain of Smartenergy.

16:00h. Sustainable Connection: City, Architecture and Engineering. José Ramón Albiol. UPV Building School.

16:30h. Heat recovery from grey water in the Technical Building Code (CTE). César González Valiente. Cerian.

17:00h. Bellota and the tiler. Josep Baro. Category Manager Construction and Workshop. Bellota.

17:45h. See how to go digital from the front row. Cegid Ekon and Premium Partner Cegid Ekon Advantic Consultores.

Wednesday, 1st March

BIM, Sustainability and Circular Economy. BIMEXPO

10:30h. BIM and Circular Economy. Round table discussion to analyse the possibilities offered by BIM in relation to Circular Economy, Life Cycle Analysis, Decarbonisation, etc.

11:30hBenefits of BIM during the design phase. Panel discussion to analyse the benefits of BIM during the design phase for architects, developers and manufacturers.

12:30h. Costs of adopting and using BIM. Panel discussion to analyse what it means to adopt BIM, the cost of the investment, steps to be taken, etc.

13:15h. PITCH AREA STARTUP. Presentation of innovations.

16:00h. Do you want to transform your industry by making workflows efficient? An easy path to digital transformation. Luz Fabregat Gálvez (CEO) Redarquia Digital.

17:00h. Creative freedom for the ventilated façade and SATE. Guillermo Muniz. Commercial director Sto Ibérica.

17:45h. Today we are not talking about technology. Get to know digitalisation from a business point of view. Cegid Ekon and Premium partner Cegid Ekon Advantic Consultants.

Thursday, 2nd March

10:00h. New techniques to reduce costs and improve the sustainability of construction elements. Victor Yepes Piqueras. Catedrático de Universidad / Full Professor. Department of Construction Engineering – ICITECH. UPV.

11:00h. Efficient (Re)Construction. Gyptec + Volcalis Solutions. By Carlos Simões, Volcalis Commercial Director, and Sandro Alberto, Gyptec Commercial Director.

12:00h. Contribution of ceramic materials to the efficiency and sustainability of buildings. Environmental certifications. José Luis Valenciano, Hispalyt architect.

13:00h. LEAN Agile Project Management. Real-time project management and control tools. Arturo Torres. Customer Success Management Director. MESbook.

13:30h. Total waterproofing in less time. Francisco Ferrandiz – Technical Director. Estilguru & Víctor Selva – Area Manager. Estilguru.

16:00h. Wood as a sustainable material for the bathroom sector. Guillem Segura Orenga, forestry engineer and specialist in wood technology at AIDIMME.
· Wood as a material.
· Architects as guarantors of sustainable housing.
· Training and digitalisation of wood for the habitat. WOODMARKETS Project.

16:30h. Bathroom and Kitchen Market Observatory

  • Situation 2022 and perspectives 2023 in the bathroom and kitchen equipment sector. Presented by: Mr. Rafael Porcar Guerrero. Market Analysis and Strategies Department, AIDIMME.
  • Trends in the habitat and their reflection in the bathroom. Presented by: Ms. Cristina Revert Carreres. Head of the Observatory of Habitat Trends. Department of Market Analysis and Strategies, AIDIMME.

17:00h. Projects with design and sustainability. Manuel Lozano and Carles Torres. Ramón Soler.


Cevisama The New Architectonics

All related programming on the latest trends in the sector will be on Level 3, Pavilion 2.


Tuesday, 28th February

11:30h – 13:30h. Industrialisation in construction and development. Challenges.

· Arqueha: Alejandro Lacuaesta
· Sanahuja & Partners: Jaime Sanahuja
· Inhaus: Rubén Navarro
· Wes: Ángel Alfocea

Round Table. Moderator Rubén Pons
· IC-10: Enrique Jiménez
· NIU: Jaime Gorgues
· ISG: Ignacio Luengo
· Engels & Volkers: Santiago de Lasala
· AEDAS Homes: José María Quiros


16:00h – 18:00h. R&D&I systems and processes.The way forward.

· Off Site: Pablo Elvira & José Fenollosa
· Cronotectura: Rodrigo Martínez-Garrido
· Enorme Studio: Rocío Pina
· IHD: Mario Pérez

Round Table. Moderator Begoña López
· Bysos: Javier Sousa
· DIAB: Teresa Burguillo
· Tinyliving: Lucas Salgado
· Estelae: Jesús Menéndez
· Geo Concept: Lucas París

Wednesday, 1st March

11:30h – 13:30h. New materials. Flexible and dry fittings and refurbishments within the hotel property’s business plan.

· Estudio Caramba: Tomás Alias
· Janfri / Ranchal: Juan Ranchal
· Verum Arquitectura Hoteles: Jordi Cuenca
· Alfaro-Manriqye: Gema Alfaro

Round Table. Moderator. Ramón Garayar (GAT Gestion)
· Sweet Hoteles: Luis Fernández
· Casual Hoteles: Juan Carlos Sanjuan
· Mondragón Hospitality: Santi Pérez
· Intur Hoteles: Iker Llano
· Eco-one: Elisa Fernández & Zdenka Lara


16:00h – 18:00h. Opportunities arising from the industrialisation of the tourism

· Vivood: Daniel Mayo
· Hotel Convento La Magdalena: Antonio Pelaez
· Room Wine: Ángel Zaragoza & Borja Costa
· NH Hoteles: Pilar Rodríguez

Round Table. Moderator Carmen Barasona
· AECOM: Teresa González
· Aldaba Partners: Estanis Gómez
· Rustice: Sara Sanchis
· Grupo Talasur: Pedro García

Thursday, 2nd March

11:30h – 13:30h. House making factories: Production capacity.

· Room2030: Sergio Baragaño
· Viraje / Ubiko: Jesús Herranz
· Xilonor / Finsa: Manuel Lobo
· Universitat Internacional Catalunya: Vicente Sarrablo

Round Table. Moderator: Antonio Macia
· Sky Living: Amparo Ramón
· Hermo: Ernesto Molinos
· Tecnisteel-Tecnisa: Juan Antonio Flor
· Egoin: Unai Gorroño

16:00h – 18:00h. Bio-construction and circular economy. It is time.

· ON-A: Saúl Ajuria
· Arquitectura Sana: Sonia Hernández
· Larinto: Victor del Olmo
· Eco Intelligent Grown, Grupo Construcia: Marc Basany

Round Table. Moderato Miguel Díaz
· Ecohub: Daniel Guzmaz
· Verde: Rocío Corell
· Olba A+U: Fernando Olba
· City Málaga: Clara Plata

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