The current situation and different consumer behaviour are changing the conventional advertising models.  At present, advertising saturates consumers and they pay little attention to it.  Hence, brands have to offer contents where the target audience is receptive.  These days, a major concern of the brands is how to foster brand recall among their audiences.

Recent studies indicate that the companies may foster their brand recall joining projects that help their customer.  The question is no longer what can I sell to my customer? But, How can I help my customer?  It is about offering experiences to the customer.

When experiences are offered, we have the possibility to make the brand become “One of Ours” because their content automatically adapts to the customer needs.

It has been established that the brands committed with a project, offering an experience, enjoy a recall and association rates higher than with the generation of any kind of contents.  Experience in this case may be achieved by collaborating with a high quality trade fair o training project.

Our fairs have become key points in the search of trends and training sources. There, the latest developments and conferences are exhibited, and workshops and seminars take place.  As a result, sponsoring brands are welcomed as they help delivering training and providing information on the sector, and that creates a connection between the brand and its audience. Interestingly, being associated with a fair allows you to convey the contents of the brand there where the target audience is and wants to use it.

In this regard, Cevisama is the right place to advertise / sponsor, as far as it is the visitor who attends the fair and, additionally, is prepared to ask for information.