The international visibility, media attention and, above all, the prestige and commercial power of Cevisama, with more than 800 exhibitors and more than 90,000 professional visitors from around the world, make the event an exceptional promotion option. In Cevisama brands can send messages to their target at a time when they are receptive. In addition, they can promote the memory of their target audience by associating themselves with a project that generates an experience – which are projects with a much higher recall rate than with the generation of any other type of content. Cevisama reveals the latest trends, hosts conferences, competitions, networking sessions … Cevisama is a great experience. A great project Join us.

Sponsor Cevisama, the best way to encourage recall in your target audience

Cevisama offers multiple supports for sponsored spaces that adapt to different interests and needs..

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There are different supports located at strategic points in the Feria Valencia enclosure that will allow you to show your leadership

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Associate your brand to Cevisama and reserve a space in the different on-line and off-line promotion spaces

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Your brand can be seen in the main cultural events of the event.

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We adapt, facilitate your proposal, we budget and take care of the production.

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