A new generation of high-performance porcelain. SMALL SIZE 20mm is the definitive solution that eliminates all the problems of traditional exterior and interior flooring.

After a number of years of research and development, Unicer, with more than 45 years in the ceramics industry and a team of technical experts in various fields, has perfected a porcelain tile with high-level properties in small formats of 20x20cm and 20x30cm and 20mm thickness.

The SMALL SIZE 20mm pieces are unalterable in time, resistant to solar rays, frost, have a high resistance to flexion, to breakage, are non-slip and require little maintenance.

The surface of SMALL SIZE 20mm has been studied to offer an optimum degree of non-slip (certified by specialized laboratories) being the perfect pavement for the transit of people, vehicles, passageways, gardens, sidewalks, swimming pools, parks, etc.

Resistance to breakage and bending are its main characteristics. Its exclusive thickness of 20mm, added to its small format, gives the pieces a great resistance that multiplies exponentially with an adequate installation. Any industrial traffic, road traffic, people traffic or high vehicle traffic is totally advisable. In any project, the breakage due to continuous use is reduced by a very high percentage.

The applications of SMALL SIZE 20mm are as many as can be imagined. From all types of exteriors and public areas such as: shopping centers, stations, platforms, terraces, sidewalks, verges, squares, parks, gardens, swimming pool areas; to interiors such as: kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms or special industrial areas where exclusive features are required.