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Absolut Raw, Argenta’s exclusive large format, at Cevisama

Argenta Cerámica arrives at Cevisama with its exclusive large-format collection Absolut Raw. Featuring uniquely lightweight paving and wall covering solutions, the collection is perfect for architectural projects that seek continuity and sophistication. Absolut Raw is inspired by the origin of the materials, taking us to the very core of nature. Hence the name.
The collection’s focus is on large formats for high-end projects. Available in three sizes – 120×260, 30×260 and 120×120 – with a thickness of 9 mm or 6 mm, the collection is the perfect partner for architectural and interior design projects that envision large, continuous and elegant spaces.
The lightness of this collection is the product of cutting-edge technology. It revolutionises the large-format concept, bringing it to the most ambitious interiors.
The colour range is a nod to nature. The collection’s palette gives the imagination free rein in terms of colour combinations, making Absolut Raw by Argenta absolutely essential for projects that aim for original, sophisticated, contemporary spaces.
Stone, Metal and Wood
The new Absolut collection opens up a world of possibility that allows for an infinite combination of nature-inspired materials like marble, metal or wood. Series in different colours and textures, designed to build something different and unique.
Raw invites a wide range of spatial configurations and adapts to every creative potential. A sense of harmony in which to create the perfect space and explore the essence of every material.
From raw to machined, a finish for every occasion
The Absolut Raw series come in three finishes: natural, matte and polished. A range of possibilities, each one designed to provide architects and interior designers with the option of defining the desired space through the texture of the material. The minute details make all the difference, adding value that sets a project apart.
The collection also includes an anti-slip option, making it possible to extend spaces to the exterior without foregoing the aesthetic concept of doors to the outside.
The large format and its lightness, along with the wide range of colours and textures offered by each series in the Absolut Raw collection, open up a creative universe built on the quality of Argenta’s new material.

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