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    Why Cevisama?

    1# Build and strengthen high-value relationships

    Direct interaction with customers improves commercial relations, helping to speed up the purchasing process and making it possible to check the degree of satisfaction of actual or potential customers on the spot.

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    Why Cevisama?

    2# High brand visibility

    Cevisama makes it possible for your brand to achieve high visibility, helping to improve the level of sales and generating export opportunities, accessing the international market.

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    Why Cevisama?

    3# Great meeting with prescribers

    The main visitors you will find at the fair are prescribers, distributors, architects and designers, both national and international, who make the fair a forum for the exchange of information and experiences.

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    Why Cevisama?

    4# Full programme of parallel activities

    A wide variety of parallel activities to the fair where you can participate in conferences and events that help to evaluate the evolution and trends of the market.

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    Why Cevisama?

    5# Great opportunity to promote your products

    The best option to make your brand and your products visible is Cevisama, as every year we are visited by potential customers from all over the world.

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    Why Cevisama?

    6# Effort is rewarded

    At Cevisama, year after year, we like to reward our exhibitors for their achievements, whether they are technological or sustainable, because we know how much effort they make.

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    Private Exhibitors Area

    This section is restricted access only.

    Advertising space

    For any question or contract in the following mail:

    How can you attract more visitors?

    From Cevisama we provide you with several promotional banner designs to share with your customers promoting your participation in the event in a quick and easy way.

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    How to promote your participation in Cevisama?

    We recommend that you carry out the following actions to promote your participation in the fair:

    · Send the electronic invitation provided by the event. This way your customers will be able to access the fairgrounds free of charge and without queues.
    · Insert a banner of the fair on your website to remind your presence at the event.
    · Communicate in your newsletters your participation in the fair and the activities you have planned during the event.
    · Insert information about the fair and your stand in the footer of your e-mails or communications.
    · Insert a review of the fair in your advertising in specialised media.
    · Insert a review of the fair in your printed material (circulars, brochures, etc).
    · Send a press release to the media.
    · Follow us on social networks, communicate your presence at the event and share our content to boost your own social networks.

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    Download promotional banners

    Click on the image and upload them to your website or attach them to your emails.

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    Banner 300x250px

    Banner 728x90px


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    Content for your networks

    Share Cevisama banners directly on your networks.

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    Download the banner with your location

    Follow the instructions to correctly download the banner with your stand.

    1. Open the pdf file and write the stand number in the grey space.
    2. Save in pdf version.
    3. Open an online pdf to jpeg converter.
    4. Upload the pdf and convert to jpeg.
    5. Download to desktop and the banner is ready.
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    Customised banners

    Customise and download the Cevisama image with your brand to share on your networks.

    Upload your logo to see the result

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    Image preview...

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    1. How can I attract more visitors to my stand?

    Fairs are key marketing instruments for companies, as they bring together supply and demand. Participation in fairs requires fundamental prior work. If you want to ensure that your participation in Cevisama is a success, contact us by sending an email to

    2. How can my brand gain more visibility?

    Check out the advertising and sponsorship options by contacting us through josé Saez:

    3. How do I get build-up passes?

    You can collect your build-up passes from the build-up office in Feria Valencia’s Sevice Centre (hall 6-b).

    4. How many exhibitor passes will I receive?

    Each exhibitor is entitled to 3 badges for the first 16m2 and 2 badges for each additional 16m2, up to a maximum of 100 badges.

    5. How do I get there and where can I stay?

    Cevisama provides accommodations and transportation options for its visitors and exhibitors to reach the fair. More information coming soon.

    6. How do I get a Invitation Letter to travel to Cevisama?

    You must fill out the “Invitation Letter” form. With this information, Cevisama will generate a document that you must print and present to the Embassy of Spain at least 2 months before the event takes place. For any questions, please refer to the Spanish Embassy’s website at

    More information coming soon.

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