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We have compiled the most relevant information for you to prepare for your visit to Cevisama 2024 in our 40th International Fair for Architectural Ceramics, Bathroom Equipment, Natural Stone, Raw Materials, Frits, Glazes and Ceramic Colorants, Sustainable Construction and Machinery.


1. Dates

From 26th February to 1st March 2024

2. Schedule

26th Feb. – 2nd Mar from 9:00 am to 18:00pm
1st Mar from 9:00 am to 15:00pm

3. Sectors

· Ceramic tiles
· Tiles, bricks and glass blocks
· Technology, retailer-shop and showroom
· Bath and kitchen equipment
· Raw materials , frits, glazes and ceramic colours
· Floor and wal tiling materials, tools and equipment.
· Roofing and glazing systems
· Architecture and sustainable construction
· Energy efficiency
· Ventilated facades
· Natural stone
· Machinery
· Logistics
· Software

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1. How to obtain a visa to visit Feria Valencia?

Exhibitors/visitors who require a letter of invitation to obtain a visa can fill in the form by clicking here: “Invitation letter” With this information Cevisama will generate a document that must be printed and presented to the Spanish Embassy in their country of origin together with the rest of the necessary documentation.

Thank you for exhibiting/visiting Cevisama. We look forward to seeing you soon at Feria Valencia. The exhibition will take place from 27th February to 3rd March 2023 in Valencia, Spain. Deadline for application “invitation letter” 31th December. After this date it will not be possible to apply for this service.

For any specific questions regarding the visa process, please consult the website of the Spanish Embassy: For further information, please contact Mª José Sanfelix at Feria Valencia: Tel.: +34 96 386 14 43 e-mail:

2. Differences between trade fairs and other marketing tools

The main distinguishing features of trade fairs compared to other marketing instruments are as follows:
Necessary commercial instrument, as supply and demand are concentrated in a specific time and space to facilitate meeting and exchange (quality public). At the same time, they facilitate personal contact and make the product accessible, making it possible to see the customer’s reaction. A favourable climate is created by the willingness of the participating companies, both exhibitors and trade visitors. Trade fairs have become BUSINESS CENTRES both for commercial transactions and for their condition as a nerve centre for other relations within the sectors. The establishment of joint ventures and joint sector strategies, international cooperation actions, market research or product testing are some of the activities that have found the trade fairs to be the ideal place to develop.

3. What are the benefits of trade fairs compared to other marketing instruments?

1. MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS: Trade fairs are in second place in the ranking of effectiveness in the sales process, only behind the sales force (according to the report by the Center for Exhibiton Industry Research-CEIR in the USA in 1998). Trade fairs, due to their differentiating characteristics, become a marketing instrument that favours and accelerates the sales process.

2. COST SAVINGS: Participation in trade fairs represents a significant saving for two reasons: The concentration of buyers and suppliers in the same place. Multiple marketing actions are carried out: sales force, advertising, promotion, public relations and market research.

3. SOURCE OF INFORMATION: According to a study by Simmons Market Research Bureau (1997), trade shows are the most effective source of information gathering: Trade shows provide a two-way flow of information (supplier-customer and vice versa). Trade fairs become the ideal forum to discuss problems and analyse new trends with other professionals in the sector.

4. Why come to Feria Valencia?

Feria Valencia is the pioneering trade fair institution in Spain and since its origins it has become the national and international benchmark in the sector. Feria Valencia is the leading institution in Spain in terms of exhibition space, services, number of professional events, number of international events, the largest and most prestigious professional events in Spain, etc.

Feria Valencia is a dynamic and innovative institution that evolves with the new needs and circumstances of the market: constant renewal of the offer with the creation of new events and the adaptation of existing ones to the new conditions of the sector. Participative management model that combines knowledge of the sector and the involvement of the sector’s entrepreneurs with Feria Valencia’s experience in the management and organisation of trade fairs.

Feria Valencia’s privileged location in the Mediterranean’s most important development hub. The expansion project has created the largest and best exhibition space in Spain: 230,000 m² of exhibition space designed with innovative architectural criteria that respond to the needs of exhibitors and visitors.

Feria Valencia has opted for an urban model, just 5 kilometres from the centre of Valencia, investing heavily in its accesses for the convenience of exhibitors and visitors.ISO 9002 Quality certification guarantees the professionalism and trade fair excellence of Feria Valencia, being the first Spanish trade fair to obtain this certification from AENOR.

5. What services does Feria Valencia offer?

Feria Valencia offers companies a wide range of services for the convenience of exhibitors and visitors: more exhibition space and more services to make it easier to do BUSINESS. Click here to see the services in detail..

6. How to get more information about the services offered by Feria Valencia?

BEFORE THE CONTEST: For further information on the services described above or if you have other needs, you should contact directly with the person in charge of the contest. They will inform you about the procedures, application deadlines and other information of interest.

DURING THE SHOW: If you need to solve any issue related to the contracted services you should contact the show Prior to the start of the event you will receive a letter with a list of telephone numbers where they will be able to answer any queries you may have.

7. What are the benefits of attending Feria Valencia as a visitor?

Gather a large amount and variety of information in a short space of time, gaining an overview of the market Discover what is new in the sector by having the opportunity to attend demonstrations and presentations of new products and/or services Become thoroughly familiar with the sector’s specialised offer, comparing prices, conditions and technical characteristics of the different companies. To learn about trends in the sector by attending parallel events (congresses, seminars, etc.) and by exchanging opinions with experts and other sector agents. To examine products before purchasing them. Find technical solutions to existing problems and needs and generate ideas to apply them to the company’s products. Visiting existing suppliers, contacting other suppliers and getting to know new suppliers operating in the sector. Establish contacts and cooperation networks with other agents in the sector. Study the option of participating in the future as an exhibitor.

8. How can I maximise my results by attending Feria Valencia?


PHASE 1: Approximately three/four months in advance Establish participation objectives Gather information about the event: Ask the event organiser for details of sectors represented, exhibiting companies, parallel activities, etc. as well as the visitor brochure. Plan the trip: Book accommodation. Decide on the means of transport to be used and make the appropriate reservations. If you are coming from outside the European Union, you will need to prepare your passport and/or visa. Make the pre-mail (pre-application for the professional visitor’s registration card).

PHASE 2: Approximately two months before the fair Design the daily plan: Establish a schedule of contacts with exhibiting companies during the fair Define the time to be devoted to other activities: Other commercial visits: Visit the pavilions to find new products and new suppliers. Find out about the sector’s offer and trends Attend parallel activities Draw up a questionnaire to serve as a script for interviews with exhibitors and where the most important information is noted down. Hire translation and interpreting services if you are not fluent in the language of the exhibitor companies you are going to visit.

PHASE 3: Approximately one month beforehand Contact exhibitor companies to arrange interviews Check that invitations have been received from any exhibitor company (if not, request them) Prepare commercial files: company name, contact person, location at Feria Valencia (Hall and stand number), time of meeting, etc. Register, if necessary, for parallel activities of interest to the company.

PHASE 4: Post-fair Contact new suppliers of interest Analyse the information gathered and compare the alternatives offered by the different suppliers Evaluate the results.

9. What are the benefits of attending Feria Valencia as a visitor?

In order to evaluate participation as a visitor at a trade fair, some reflections should be made that help us to correctly evaluate the results obtained and that allow us to adopt corrective measures for future editions:Participation in a trade fair should not be improvised. Specific objectives must be set and the visit must be planned sufficiently in advance. The results of participating in a fair are not immediate; in the medium and long term, the benefits of attending a fair can also be seen in the medium and long term. Prioritise visits: You should visit the exhibiting companies in order of interest, so it is very important to plan your visit in advance. It is advisable to take notes on the products and their characteristics: price, method of payment, guarantees, technical assistance, etc. in order to be able to evaluate the proposals afterwards. It is advisable to attend parallel activities (seminars, conferences, congresses, etc.) and product presentations to find out about trends and new developments in the sector. It is necessary to make an overall assessment of the results based on all the benefits of participating in the fair. In addition to the orders placed, other added values should be taken into account, such as the ideas obtained to apply them in the company, the exchange of opinions, contact with other professionals in the sector, seeing the products directly, finding out about new products, etc.

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