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We have compiled the most relevant information for you to prepare for your visit to Cevisama 2024 in our 40th International Fair for Architectural Ceramics, Bathroom Equipment, Natural Stone, Raw Materials, Frits, Glazes and Ceramic Colorants, Sustainable Construction and Machinery.


1. Dates

From 26th February to 1st March 2024

2. Schedule

26th Feb. – 29th Feb from 9:00 am to 18:00pm
1st Mar from 9:00 am to 15:00pm

3. Sectors

· Ceramic tiles
· Tiles, bricks and glass blocks
· Technology, retailer-shop and showroom
· Bath and kitchen equipment
· Raw materials , frits, glazes and ceramic colours
· Floor and wal tiling materials, tools and equipment.
· Roofing and glazing systems
· Architecture and sustainable construction
· Energy efficiency
· Ventilated facades
· Natural stone
· Machinery
· Logistics
· Software

4. Travel discounts

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5. Pavilions

6. General exhibitors list

Check out all the exhibitors that will be present at CVSM24 by clicking on the following link.

7. Exhibitors list by pavilion

Click on the following link to see which exhibitors you can find in each pavilion at CVSM24.

8. Guide Map

All relevant information about CVSM24 can be found here.

9. Restaurants

· Pericanas, Mediterranean cuisine. Distributor Level 2.
· Flor de Romero, Italian Gourmet cuisine. Mall.
· Clavo y Canela, American Style Gourmet. Mall.
· El Pan y la Sal, cocina Mediterrania. Mall.
· Las Hebras de Azafrán, international cuisine, suitable for Muslims. Mall.
· Sala VIP, Mediterranean cuisine. Mall.
· Food Trucks, Fast Food. N3P2
· La Pebrera, Fast Gourmet. N3P1

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Why Cevisama?

1#National and international brands exhibiting in one place

More than 80,000m2 of exhibition space where the most cutting-edge national and international ceramic, bathroom and natural stone companies come together, taking advantage of the first trade fair of the year to showcase their latest products.

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Why Cevisama?

2#Strong commitment to innovation

Discover Cevisama Tech, our most technological area where our exhibitors year after year surprise us with the latest technological improvements and the power of innovation within their sector.

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Why Cevisama?

3#Excellent location on the Mediterranean coast

The city of València hosts Cevisama every year, offering visitors a strategic site on the Mediterranean coast, with multiple cultural and leisure options as well as an excellent climate and gastronomy.

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Why Cevisama?

4#Full programme of parallel activities

A wide variety of activities parallel to the fair, such as conferences, award ceremonies, exhibitions and technical seminars, which help to broaden knowledge in the construction sector.

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Why Cevisama?

5#Discover the latest trends in ceramics, bathrooms and natural stone.

Don’t miss Cevisama Trends, the meeting point where you can discover and share the latest developments in the sector.

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Why Cevisama?

6#Looking to the future

Cevisama Build, the space where you can discover the most ecological and sustainable building solutions for construction.

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Pablo Tarin
Roca Tiles Marketing Manager









Cevisama provides an unrivalled setting to share our vision, present our latest creations and establish strong relationships with those who share our passion for quality and design.
It also allows us to learn about emerging trends and applied technologies. At Roca Tiles we believe that participation in Cevisama 2024 is essential to consolidate our position as a leader, strengthen our presence in the industry and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in floor and wall tiles”.

1 / 34


Marc López
Griferías Maier Executive Manager









After a successful 2023 edition, with a great response from both national and international buyers and an increase in the participation of bathroom companies, we see Cevisama 2024 as one of the most important events of the year for our sector, consolidated and with expectations of growth in both visitors and business opportinities, necessary in these times of global uncertainties that we live in”

2 / 34


César Carnicer
Cevica Sales Director









“In CEVICA’s long history, some of the best experiences with our customers have been at CEVISAMA.
We will continue to develop ideas to showcase our new products at Cevisama 2024″.”

3 / 34


Dani Vilar
Cerámicas Vilar Albaro National Marketing and Sales Manager









For us the Cevisama fair symbolises a meeting point and reference for the different companies that make up the ceramics industry. We are aware that customer satisfaction and loyalty are very important pillars for our success. That is why participating in the fair allows us to strengthen relationships with our current customers and attract potential customers to open doors to new markets.
Cevisama acts as a showcase that allows us to present our most innovative products, thus showcasing their quality, excellence and characteristics.
The possibility to connect and interact with industry professionals and experts also brings significant value to the organisation. This show represents not only a business opportunity for the entire sector, but also an investment in strengthening and growing our brand in the industry”

4 / 34


Isabel Cortés
Exagres Marketing and Design Manager









Cevisama has always been the key showcase for our sector, where purchasing managers, distributors, architects and contract professionals converge in search of the latest trends. For us, Cevisama is the perfect opportunity to highlight our products to a diverse and qualified public, allowing us to establish organic and close relationships with them, and positioning the brand in a privileged place.
We see the event as an opportunity to establish meaningful connections, engage in constructive dialogue and strengthen our reputation in an environment where quality and innovation are fundamental aspects of our brand.”

5 / 34


Angel Talens
CEO of Aquore









Unbeatable opportunity to consolidate the contacts made at Cevisama 2023, and to celebrate the 40th Anniversary with the organisation.”

6 / 34


Paco Belda
General Director Industrias Peygran









“CEVISAMA as a multi-sector meeting point is the driving force behind the digitalisation of business development processes. The need to internationalise our products and brands is a determining factor and this boost at CVSM 24 would be a key success factor”.

7 / 34


Juan Martín Martínez Serrano
IBX-New Bath 2003 Commercial Director









At IBX – New Bath 2003, we are excited to be part of this 40th edition. Our innovative bathroom designs reflect our passion and commitment to excellence. Cevisama is the ideal platform to share our vision and connect with industry leaders.”

8 / 34


Clara Mínguez
Poalgi Marketing Department









For us, Cevisama 2024 will be a turning point in our bathroom line. We are approaching this edition with a firm commitment to products for the Contract world”

9 / 34


José Matas Santamaría
Fustecma Export Manager









By being part of Cevisama, Fustecma not only has the chance to present its latest creations, innovations and design solutions, but also to establish meaningful connections with key manufacturers, distributors and professionals in the sector. The show acts as a crucial meeting point for the ceramics industry, giving Fustecma the opportunity to generate significant business opportunities, enhance our brand as a benchmark for integrated projects, explore strategic collaborations and keep abreast of the latest market trends and technologies.”

10 / 34


Luis F. Quintero
Vogo Spain General Director









Vogo Spain looks to the future with the same excitement and dedication we felt at our first meeting at this fair. 40 years of Cevisama is not only a milestone, but a testament to the perseverance, creativity and unity that define our industry. Thank you for letting us be part of your incredible story and for continuing to build the future together with us!”

11 / 34


Sergio Birzhev Rudatskiy
Director General Monopole









“We go to Cevisama every year as it is one of the most important showcases in the sector, the most important at national level, and a meeting point with many of our customers. It is a first class showcase to show our proposals in ceramics with the presentation of a pioneering product with a design patented by us”.

12 / 34


Jesús Cuenca
Anticfang Sales Director









Participating in Cevisama is not only a source of pride for Anticfang, but also a recognition of the richness and diversity of the ceramic sector. This fair provides us with an invaluable platform to not only showcase our products, but to highlight the quality and innovation that defines each participating company.

Cevisama with its magnitude and scope, gives us visibility, but it is also a tribute to humility. On this shared stage, all companies, large and small, contribute to the collective narrative of ceramics. It is a reminder that, together, we elevate the industry and demostrate to the world the excellence that resides in every corner. Its influence extendes beyond individual promotion. It is a catalyst that drives innovation, inspires collaborations and strengthens the reputation of the industry as a whole. We value not only what it means to Anticfang, but how it contributes to the growth and recognition of all the companies that shpae ceramics”

13 / 34


José Luís Serena
Becrisa Sales Director









Becrisa’s participation in CEVISAMA is always a positive experience. This fair not only gives us the opportunity to present our latest products, especially this year when we have considerably expanded the quantity and qualitative spectrum of our products, but it also allows us to connect with professionals from all over the world in a vibrant atmosphere of creativity and avant-garde.
This year, the celebration of the fair’s 40th anniversary adds a special touch to the experience and is an occasion to reflect on CEVISAMA’s impact on the industry, a stage where trends take shape, connections are forged and inspiration flows.

14 / 34


Pedro Montañes
SONIA Sales Director









For Sonia, Cevisama is the perfect setting to present and share our latest bathroom solutions, designed with real passion. It is a very special event that we look forward to with enthusiasm and excitement.”

15 / 34


Siscó Durán
Coycama Spain Sales Director









After 10 years of participating in Cevisama, we are proud to see how this fair, our fair, has evolved. Cevisama is more than just a showcase for our new collections; it is the stage where ideas converge, innovation flourishes and alliances are formed.
With this new 40th edition, we are witnessing the dedication and commitment that the organisation puts into driving the industry forward. The diversity of professionals and the quality of the business meetings have contributed greatly to this continued success. We are excited to continue to be an active part of this journey and look forward to collaborating together for many years to come.”

16 / 34


Cipriano Castelló
El Molino Cerámicas Sales Director









El Molino Cerámicas’ presence at Cevisama 2024 is crucial to consolidate our global position. The fair offers a unique platform to showcase our latest innovations in ceramics, connect with international customers and stay at the forefront of industry trends. Participation in Cevisama not only strengthens our visibility in the market, but also facilitates valuable networking and collaboration opportunities. This event represents a strategic window to highlight the quality and design of our products, as well as to receive direct feedback from the market, thus contributing to the continued growth and success of El Molino Cerámicas.”

17 / 34


Alfonso Jodar
Area Manager de New Tiles









Cevisama 2024 is at the forefront of ceramic design. For New Tiles, it is the essential platform to showcase innovations and connect with the heart of our industry.”

18 / 34


Martin Guinot
Mykonos Cerámica Purchasing and Logistics Manager









Mykonos, as a leading company in the field of ceramics, considers participating in the Cevisama 24 Ceramics Fair for a number of key reasons. This fair represents a unique and essential platform for the industry, giving Mykonos the opportunity to showcase its innovative products and highlight its excellence in design and quality. The presence at Cevisama 24 will not only strengthen Mykonos’ visibility in the market, but will also facilitate valuable business connections and strategic collaborations. Furthermore, participation in this fair will significantly contribute to the positioning of Mykonos by consolidating its relevance and prestige in the sector.”

19 / 34


Miguel Ángel Campos
Colorban Group Product Department Manager









Participating in CEVISAMA is always a challenge and a source of pride for us. It is the best showcase in which to display our new products in which we work so hard and invest so much time in testing and researching materials and technological advances.
We are looking forward to showing the result in this new edition.”

20 / 34


Alfredo Estevan
Verniprens Sales Director









We have experienced with Cevisama the 40 editions held to date. This 2024 edition, we hope it will be the same or better than the last editions, as there is always an eagerness to improve on the part of the organisation. In our experience, only those companies that exhibit at Cevisama know the national and international impact it has on their brand. Cevisama opens up a world of possibilities for exporting our products to all continents thanks to the international public that attends the event. On a national level, it is the benchmark for building materials warehouses if you want to find out about the best companies and current market trends, as not everything that companies can offer our customers is available on the Internet.”

21 / 34


Vicente Balaguer
Porcelánicos HDC Sales Director









For Porcelanicos HDC Cevisama is a great opportunity to exhibit and promote our products, being one of the most important fairs in our sector, where professionals from all over the world come to see all the new products and innovative proposals in the market.
Cevisama is also a unique opportunity to meet new clients and strengthen our brand, as well as allowing us to discover the new trends that we will be able to see throughout 2024

22 / 34


Jordi Soler Fornt
CEO Industrias Ramon Soler S.A.









Cevisama offers us the ideal opportunity to highlight our products to an expert audience, establish close connections and, in addition, create valuable international contacts that strengthen our global presence.”

23 / 34


Juan Carlos Márquez Yuste
Prodac Founding Partner









As an emerging company in the world of the ceramics industry, Cevisama 2024 represents a unique opportunity for us. It will be the place where we will present in Europe a unique, innovative and revolutionary new product that will surprise many and cause a sensation among the attendees. Cevisama not only gives us the opportunity to connect with potential customers and open doors to new markets, but also allows us to learn from other professionals and experts in the industry. Our participation in Cevisama 2024 is more than a business opportunity; it is a commitment to our future and a key step in our path to consolidate and expand our product in the ceramic sector.”

24 / 34


José Antonio López
Supercerámica Sales Director









Cevisama is very important for us as we receive our main customers from the national and export markets. Mainly from the European continent.
We hope to meet the needs of our customers with all the new collections that we will present at this edition.”

25 / 34


Pascual Climent
Disbain Manager









For Disbain, Cevisama is, year after year, an opportunity to add experiences and connect with customers from all over the world who are experts in the quality and design of our bathroom furniture.”

26 / 34


Verónica Obrero
Commercial Director and Export Manager Decocer









Participation in Cevisama 2024 represents an opportunity for Decocer, reflecting our commitment to innovation and excellence in the manufacture of small format tiles, customised to the needs of each an integral part of a highly competitive ceramic cluster, we understand the importance of being at the forefront of our sector.

Cevisama, being a world-renowned event, offers us a space to build and strengthen vital relationships with customers, suppliers and other key players in the ceramics industry.

Face-to-face contact at Cevisama fosters trust and provides an in-depth understanding of market needs and trends.

Direct interaction with customers is fundamental, allowing us to receive immediate feedback that is crucial to the ongoing development of our products.

Keeping up to date with the latest trends and techniques is essential to maintain our competitiveness in a dynamic global market. Cevisama gives us the opportunity not only to keep abreast of these trends, but also to be pioneers, introducing innovations and showcasing new tile designs and techniques.

Our presence at Cevisama is more than a participation; it is a statement of our vision and a step into the future of the ceramic industry, where Decocer continues to lead with products that define trends and set new standards of excellence”.

27 / 34


José Sorribes Ibáñez
National Sales Manager Gres Aragón









Cevisama is, for Gres Aragón and Faveker, an essential date in our calendar. We are approaching the 40th anniversary edition with great expectations thanks to the increasing focus on the contract area and the large buyer campaign. It is the ideal showcase for our products for professionals in distribution, architecture, design and installation, which allows us to capture new business opportunities as well as consolidate existing ones”.

28 / 34


Francisco Morant
Presidente Gremi de Rajolers de la Comunitat Valenciana









The Gremi de Rajolers de la Comunitat Valenciana has actively participated since its beginnings in Cevisama, a fundamental fair for our sector and a key and unavoidable event to know the advances and innovations of the ceramic industry, year after year.

Cevisama’s international projection is a clear example of the projection that the Spanish ceramics sector has in the world and contributes to placing the industry at the forefront in the world of building.

For all these reasons, we at the Gremi de Rajolers reiterate our support for this event that gives prestige and recognition to our sector and we reaffirm our commitment to Cevisama, the best showcase to showcase the latest developments of our companies in terms of industrialisation, digitalisation, efficiency and sustainability“.

29 / 34


CEO Sergiy Gorsiyenko
Executive Manager ROCED









At Cevisama 2024, ROCED will showcase the latest in tile design and technology. This event allows us to connect with the global community, capturing trends and strengthening partnerships. Cevisama is not just a trade fair; it is the meeting point where our brand finds new opportunities and visibility in a constantly evolving market”.

30 / 34


Carlos Navarro









Our participation in Cevisama 2024 is supported by the inertia generated since 2020, showing a comfortable rooting in this event of remarkable productivity for our entity. It is worth noting, however, the appreciable evolution observed in the organisation during the year 2023, which experienced a notable increase in its quality.

Cevisama, as an event, stands as a platform of international scope that opens the doors to both our proposals related to saunas and those linked to spas. The relevance of this event is not only maintained, but is enhanced by the qualitative leap experienced in the last edition, thus consolidating its position as a fundamental space for our presence and commercial development

31 / 34


Vicente Taberner
CEO Taberner Bathrooms









“Cevisama, 40 years making it possible for us to make ourselves known not only in Spain, but all over the world. Thank you!

32 / 34


Luis Miguel Gascón
Sales Manager Iberia Visobath









For Visobath, Cevisama is the appointment to share with our customers all the novelties and at the same time exchange ideas and strategies to grow together

33 / 34


Dana Polerowicz
Export Director Azulejos Borja / Tejas Borja









The participation of Azulejos Borja, also known as Borja Cerámica Avant-Garde, in Cevisama 2024 is of strategic importance for us to consolidate our presence in the ceramic industry. Additionally, Cevisama is an international showcase that attracts professionals, designers, architects and buyers from all over the world. Participating in this event provides an invaluable opportunity to increase the visibility of our brands, exposing products to a global audience. Cevisama is also known as a meeting point for the latest innovations and trends in the ceramics industry. Participating allows brands to showcase their most innovative products and keep abreast of the latest trends, which can be crucial to maintaining relevance in a constantly evolving market. Participation provides us with a unique platform to establish strategic connections, potential collaborations and strengthen existing business relationships on both a global and national level.

In addition, direct interaction with customers, professionals and other industry players allows us to receive valuable feedback. This feedback can be crucial to adjust business strategies, improve products and better understand market needs. In short, for Azulejos Borja, participation in Cevisama 2024 represents a strategic investment that can generate long-term benefits.”

34 / 34


In the following link we offer you the catalogue ’24 where you will find all the necessary information to know where the exhibitors are located, as well as all the services offered by Cevisama during the event.

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