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Individual trade ticket

If you are a member of the trade and have not received a code from Cevisama’s organisers, please click here to obtain your accreditation.

Ticket with activation code

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Group tickets

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Why Cevisama?

1#International brands exhibit at the Fair

Cevisama is a wide-ranging commercial showcase featuring leading international brands of ceramic tiles, bathrooms and natural stone that will be making the most of the first trade fair of the year to show their latest innovations

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Why Cevisama?

2#Seriously committed to innovation

Spain’s ceramic tile industry and all its associated industries are at the leading edge of innovation and technology worldwide. Cevisama is the biggest stage of the year on which they display their wares.

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Why Cevisama?

3#Excellent location on the Mediterranean coast

The city of Valencia hosts Cevisama every year, offering visitors a strategic enclave on the Mediterranean coast with a multitude of cultural and leisure options together with excellent weather and gastronomy.

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Why Cevisama?

4#Visited by international distributors, architects and designers

Cevisama’s visitors – principally distributors, architects, designers and property developers – make the fair a forum for sharing information and experiences.

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Why Cevisama?

5#Full programme of parallel events

The quality and prestige of the speakers and attendees at Cevisama’s Architecture and Design Forum mean this particular event is the most important of its kind in Spain and the most outstanding in Europe. Other activities include special exhibitions, design competitions and workshops.

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Access and Parking

Here you will find information on transport and parking options.

1. Access routes

To facilitate your arrival at the fair, from Cevisama we have developed access routes to the fairgrounds. We kindly ask you to follow the instructions on this map, which explains in an easy and convenient way all the route you must travel, from its origin to the parking lot of your vehicle at the fair, whether paid or free. To get to the fairgrounds, follow these steps:

1. Click on the selected parking pin/marker.
2. Select your origin (north-Castellón; central-Madrid; or south-Alicante)
3. You will see your route drawn on the map, with icons along it to guide you on the journey.

Accesos Cevisama 2020 mapa de rutas

If you access these routes from your mobile you can activate the browser function. We hope this service will be useful.

It is possible that during the fair the route may vary due to traffic reasons, so please consult the map when you start your trip.

2. Parking

We remind you that paid parking for professional visitors is enabled in the indoor car parks (P1 and P2) of Feria Valencia.

There are also 3 free parking areas called Heron City and Military with shuttle service to the fair in Heron City.

3. Acceso feria

Access to the fair from Valencia with public transport.

Line 2 with arrival / departure to the fair every 20 minutes from the city center.

Trolley car
Line 4 with arrival / departure to the fair every 20 minutes from the city center.

Line 62 every 20 minutes. From the city center.

Fair bus service from arranged hotels.
Transfers gratuitos

Free bus service

The hotels arranged have a free transfer service, leaving at around 8:30 am and arriving at Feria Valencia at 9 am; the return to the hotels is at 6 pm except on the last day of the fair, which is early at 5:15 pm (perimeter exit Level 1 Feria Valencia).

1. Autobuses desde Castellón

Los autobuses tendrán las siguientes paradas:

Castellón (La Farola-Paseo Ribalta) 7:25 h.
Villarreal (Avda. Francisco Tárrega-Frente Els Lluisos) 7:40 h.

Almazora (Plaza Santa Isabel cruce con Avda. Castellón) 7:25 h.
Burriana (parada bus Rio en Ronda Music Ibañez – frente Cafeteria Molina) 7:35 h.
Nules (Antigua N-340 frente estación RENFE): 7:45

Alcora (Ayuntamiento) 7:10 h.
Onda (Avda. Montedre) 7:25 h.
Betxi (Joaquín Blume) 7:35 h.

El regreso será a las 18:30 desde el Nivel 1 del Foro Centro de Feria Valencia,
el día 1 de febrero el regreso será a las 17:30h

2. Transfer Aeropuerto – Feria – Aeropuerto

Disponemos de un servicio continuo de autobuses que conectan el Aeropuerto
de Valencia con Feria Valencia.
Parada en el Foro Norte
Horario: 9:00 – 19:00 h (El día 1 el último servicio será a las 18h.)

3. Transfer Estación de trenes – Feria

Conexión permante entre la Estación Joaquín Sorolla y Feria Valencia.
Parada en el Foro Norte de Feria Valencia
Horas de salida: 09:00h 09:30h 10:30h. 11:30h.
Horas de regreso: 16:00h 17:00h 18:00h

Concerted hotels

Consult the special rates in the hotels arranged through the Travel Agency
Tel. (+34) 96 386 15 44 / 15 45

1. Hoteles concertados en Valencia


2. Hoteles concertados en Castellón



1. How do I get a visa to travel to Feria Valencia?

Exhibitors and visitors needing a letter of invitation in order to obtain a Visa should fill in the following form: “Invitation Letter”.  Cevisama will use to details supplied to create a document that you will need to print and present to the Spanish Embassy in your country of origin together with all the other documents required.

Thank you for exhibiting at/visiting Cevisama. We look forward to seeing you at Feria Valencia soon. The fair takes place from 8th to 12th February 2021 in Valencia, Spain. The deadline for applying for your “invitation letter” is 30th December. After that date you will no longer be able to apply for this service.

For any specific queries regarding obtaining a visa, please check the Spanish Embassy website: For further information, please contact Mª José Sanfelix at Feria Valencia: Tel.: +34 96 386 14 43 e-mail:


2. Differences between trade fairs and other marketing tools

The main features that mark trade fairs out from other marketing tools are as follows:
Trade fairs are an essential sales tool, bringing supply and demand together at a specific time and place to facilitate meetings and sharing of information (quality audience). At the same time, they also facilitate personal contacts and make the product accessible, meaning suppliers can gauge customer reaction. Fairs also create a favourable atmosphere as the companies present, both exhibitors and visitors, are in a positive frame of mind. Trade fairs have become BUSINESS CENTRES both on account of the commercial deals closed there and because they are the nerve centre for other relationships within the industry concerned. Setting up joint ventures and developing joint industry strategies, international cooperation programmes, market research and product testing are just some of the initiatives that have found trade fairs to be their natural launchpad.

3. What do trade fairs provide that other marketing tools do not?

1. COMMERCIAL EFFICIENCY: Trade fairs rank second in the sales process efficiency ratings, just behind the sales force itself (according to a 1998 report by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research-CEIR in the USA). The specific features of trade fairs make them a marketing tool that facilitates and accelerates sales processes.

2. COST SAVINGS: Taking part in trade fairs results in significant cost savings for two reasons: First, the number of buyers and suppliers found all together in one place. Second, the multitude of marketing activities designed to promote the fair: sales force, advertising, promotion, public relations and market research.

3. SOURCE OF INFORMATION: According to research by Simmons Market Research Bureau (1997), trade fairs are the most efficient way of gathering knowledge, providing a two-way flow of information (supplier-customer and vice-versa). Trade fairs are the ideal forum for discussing challenges and analysing new trends with other industry professionals.

4. Why go to Feria Valencia?

Feria Valencia is the pioneering exhibition venue in Spain, having been an industry leader since its inception, internationally as well as in Spain itself. Feria Valencia is the foremost trade fair venue in Spain in terms of exhibition space, services and the number of exhibitions and international events held there each year. It also hosts Spain’s biggest and most prestigious trade events, etc.

Feria Valencia is a dynamic, innovative institution that evolves to reflect the market’s changing needs and circumstances, constantly refreshing its offering by adding new events and adapting existing events to the current context of the industry in question. A model of participative management that combines knowledge of the industry and the involvement of businesses with Feria Valencia’s experience of managing and organising trade fairs.

Feria Valencia enjoys a unique location in the Mediterranean’s most highly developed hub. What is more, Valencia boasts a modern infrastructure that provides fast links to the rest of the peninsula and Europe whilst the venue’s extension project created Spain’s biggest and best exhibition centre: 230,000m2 of exhibition space designed to innovative architectural criteria that fulfil both exhibitors’ and visitors’ requirements.

Feria Valencia opted for an urban site, just 5 kilometres from the centre of Valencia and invested heavily in putting means of access in place that would be convenient for exhibitors and visitors. Feria Valencia’s ISO 9002 Quality certification is testament to its professionalism and excellence and it is also the first exhibition centre in Spain to have been certified to that standard by AENOR.

5. What services does Feria Valencia offer?

Feria Valencia offers a broad range of services designed for the convenience of exhibitors and visitors: more exhibition space and more services to facilitate BUSINESS being done. Click here to see details of the services. Pulse aquí para ver los servicios en detalle.

6. How do I find more information about the services Feria Valencia offers?

BEFORE THE EVENT: For further information about the services described above, or if you have different requirements, please contact the event manager. The event organisers will be able to tell you about procedures, application deadlines and other useful facts.

DURING THE EVENT: Should you need to resolve any issue relating to services you have booked, you will need to contact the event at this address: Ahead of the event you will receive a letter that will include a list of all the telephone numbers you can call to get help with any queries you may have.

7. What are the benefits of going to Feria Valencia as a visitor?

Visitors can gather large amounts of all sorts of information in a short space of time, thereby gleaning a comprehensive overview of the market. Find out about the latest developments in the industry and attend demonstrations and presentations of new products and/or services. Gain an in-depth insight into the industry’s specialist offering, compare prices, terms and technical features between the various suppliers. Attend the various parallel events (conferences, seminars etc.) to learn about the latest industry trends and hear industry experts’ opinions. Examine products before buying, find technical solutions to existing problems and needs. Meet with current suppliers, contact other suppliers and meet new suppliers operating in the sector. Make contacts and build collaborative networks with other agents in the industry. Think about the possibility of exhibiting at the fair in the future.

8. How can I gain the maximum result from attending the fair at Feria Valencia?

Approximately 3-4 months ahead of the fair:
Set your objectives for what you want to achieve by going.
Gather information about the event: request information from the fair’s management about the sectors that will be represented, companies that will be exhibiting, parallel events etc. and ask for the visitor leaflet.
Plan your trip: book your accommodation. Decide what form of transport you want to use and make the relevant bookings.  If you are travelling from outside the European Union, you will need to ensure your Passport is valid and that you have the appropriate visa, should you need one.  Complete the “pre-mail” (Advance application for a trade visitor registration card)

Approximately two months ahead of the event:
Draw-up a day-by-day plan: Set a schedule for contacting exhibitors during the fair.
Determine how much time you will spend doing other things: other business visits, touring the halls to look for new products and new suppliers, seeing what is out there and what the trends are in the industry and attending parallel events.
Draw up a questionnaire that will serve as a script for your meetings with exhibitors and where you can record important information.
Book translation or interpreting services if you do not speak the languages of the companies you will be meeting.

Approximately one month ahead of the event:
Contact the exhibitors to book meetings with them.
Check that you have received invitations from certain exhibitors (if not, request them).
Create business record sheets: company name, person met, location in Feria Valencia (Hall and stand numbers), time of meeting, etc.
Register, if necessary, for any parallel events of interest to your company.

After the event:
Contact all the new suppliers you are interested in.
Study the information you gathered and compare the alternatives being offered by the different suppliers. Evaluate the results.

9. What are the benefits of going to Feria Valencia as a visitor?

In order to assess the value of visiting a trade fair, you need to consider a number of aspects that will help provide an accurate assessment of the results gained and enable you to take corrective measure in future if need be:
Visiting a trade fair should not be improvised. You should set specific objectives and plan your visit well in advance. The results of visiting a trade fair are not always immediate and the benefits can be appreciated over the medium to long term as well.
Prioritise your meetings: You should visit exhibitors in order of your interest in them, which is why it is important to plan your time ahead of your visit to the fair. it is useful to make notes about the products and their features: price, form of payment, guarantees, technical assistance etc. in order to be able to evaluate the different options later.
It is advisable to attend the parallel events (seminars, workshops, conferences etc.) and product presentations to gain an insight into current trends in the industry and latest developments.
You should make an overall assessment of the results based on the benefits you have derived from attending the fair. As well as orders placed, there are other elements of added value to be taken into consideration such as the new ideas that you have had during the fair that you can apply to your company, exchanges of opinions, contact with other professionals in the industry, seeing products ‘in the flesh’, seeing new products and so on.
The city of Valencia has been chosen as the next Design City – Valencia World Design Capital 22 – and enjoys a unique location on the Mediterranean coast. An exciting blend of modern and traditional, it is within easy reach of all Cevisama visitors.

Wellcome to Valencia

The city of Valencia, selected as the next City of Design 2022 (Valencia World Design Capital 22) is located in a privileged situation next to the Mediterranean Sea. An exciting mix of tradition and modern within the reach of all visitors to Cevisama.

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