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We have compiled the most relevant information for you to prepare for your visit to Cevisama 2023 in our 39th International Fair for Architectural Ceramics, Bathroom Equipment, Natural Stone, Raw Materials, Frits, Glazes and Ceramic Colorants, Sustainable Construction and Machinery.


1. Dates

From 27th February to 3rd March 2023

2. Schedule

27 Feb. – 2 Mar de 9:00 a 19:00h
3 Mar de 9:00 a 17:00h

3. Sectors

· Ceramic tiles
· Tiles, bricks and glass blocks
· Technology, retailer-shop and showroom
· Bath and kitchen equipment
· Raw materials , frits, glazes and ceramic colours
· Floor and wal tiling materials, tools and equipment.
· Roofing and glazing systems
· Architecture and sustainable construction
· Energy efficiency
· Ventilated facades
· Natural stone
· Machinery
· Logistics
· Software

4. General map


5. Exhibitors List

Check here the list of exhibitors that will showcase their latest products at Cevisama 2023.

6. List of exhibitors per pavilion

Check here the list of exhibitors divided by pavilion, along with a distribution map to know where each one is located in Cevisama 2023.

7. Restaurants

· Pericanas, Mediterranean cuisine. Distributor Level 2.
· Gourmet Island, fast food, café y pasteles. Distribuitor Level 2 (P3-P4).
· Flor de Romero, Italian Gourmet cuisine. Mall.
· Clavo y Canela, American Style Gourmet. Mall.
· Pan y Sal, cocina Mediterrania. Mall.
· Hebras de Azafrán, international cuisine, suitable for Muslims. Mall.
· Sala VIP, Mediterranean cuisine. Mall.
· La Salmonera, Mediterranean cuisine. N3P2
· La Pebrera, Fast Gourmet. N3P1

8. Guide map

Download the Cevisama 2023 Guide Map with all the complete information about exhibitors and activities during the fair.

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Get your Tickets here

The fair provides three different ways for you to register. Select the one that most suits your needs.


Individual trade ticket

If you are a member of the trade and have not received a code from Cevisama’s organisers, please click here to obtain your accreditation.

Individual trade ticket with activation code

If you already have an activation code to visit Cevisama, enter the number in the following space and you will be able to collect your ticket at the venue.
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Tickets for groups and collectives

Group tickets for Cevisama are available exclusively to training colleges and professional further education schools. If you are one of these, click on the following link:

Why Cevisama?

1#National and international brands exhibiting in one place

More than 120,000m2 of exhibition space where the most cutting-edge national and international ceramic, bathroom and natural stone companies come together, taking advantage of the first trade fair of the year to showcase their latest products.

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Why Cevisama?

2#Strong commitment to innovation

Discover Cevisama Tech, our most technological area where our exhibitors year after year surprise us with the latest technological improvements and the power of innovation within their sector.

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Why Cevisama?

3#Excellent location on the Mediterranean coast

The city of València hosts Cevisama every year, offering visitors a strategic site on the Mediterranean coast, with multiple cultural and leisure options as well as an excellent climate and gastronomy.

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Why Cevisama?

4#Full programme of parallel activities

A wide variety of activities parallel to the fair, such as conferences, award ceremonies, exhibitions and technical seminars, which help to broaden knowledge in the construction sector.

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Why Cevisama?

5#Discover the latest trends in ceramics, bathrooms and natural stone.

Don’t miss Cevisama Trends, the meeting point where you can discover and share the latest developments in the sector.

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Why Cevisama?

6#Looking to the future

Cevisama Build, the space where you can discover the most ecological and sustainable building solutions for construction.

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In the following link we offer you the catalogue ’23 where you will find all the necessary information to know where the exhibitors are located, as well as all the services offered by Cevisama during the event.

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Visitor survey

Help us to improve and become a Cevisama VIP visitor!!!

We want to get to know you better and make your visit more efficient. That’s why we ask you to take just 5 minutes to answer this short questionnaire.
Among all the professionals who answer we will draw 10 VIP PACKAGES “CEVISAMA BUSINESS CLUB”, which include two nights in a hotel and meal tickets at Feria Valencia, as well as other hospitality services that you can enjoy at Cevisama 2023 or Cevisama 2024, whenever you prefer.


Rules of the draw:


1. Organising entity and territorial scope

Feria Muestrario Internacional de Valencia, hereinafter Feria Valencia, with address at Avenida de las ferias, s/n, 46035 Valencia, Spain, organises a promotional action with a random draw system.

The draw is international in scope and will be carried out among the visitors who answer the questionnaire about their attendance to Cevisama and their expectations.

2. Object

Feria Valencia is organising this prize draw to encourage visitors registered to attend CEVISAMA 2023 to take part in the survey to identify their interests and preferences.

3. Promotion period

This promotional action will be active for visitors who receive and respond to the survey form during the days indicated in these terms and conditions.

There will be ONE (1) draw:
– To be held on 10th February 2023.

4. Method and mode of participation

The promotion is free of charge, so that all those who meet the requirements indicated in this clause may participate without the need to pay any additional fee or amount in order to obtain the prize. In order to participate in this Initiative, the following is required:

• Be over 18 years of age and have full capacity to act.
• Be registered as a professional visitor for Cevisama 2023.

You must also be registered as a professional visitor to Cevisama 2023:

• In order to participate in the draw you must be the recipient of the email with which you access the online form and which corresponds to the email address with which you registered for CEVISAMA 2023 and respond in full to the form you will receive by email, using exclusively the link inserted in the same, between the days between 25 January 2023 and 9 February inclusive.

Only those entries whose questionnaires have all the questions completed (completed questionnaire) will be considered valid. Each participant guarantees Feria Valencia the veracity of the data provided and will be liable for any claim received in the event of non-compliance with this guarantee.

The prize draw is not open to people with employment ties to Feria Valencia, nor to their relatives, by affinity and/or consanguinity, up to the second degree, and under no circumstances will they be able to benefit from the prizes. If any person ceases to be an employee of the aforementioned entity during the promotional period, under no circumstances will they be able to claim a prize if they are a winner.

All fields must be filled in correctly in order to participate. Feria Valencia reserves the right to reject any registration on its own initiative and without prior notice on the grounds that it appears to be defective. Only one participation per person and email address will be allowed and the same visitor/convention attendee may also participate in other draws or promotions organised by Feria Valencia as long as they comply with all the requirements set out in the terms and conditions of each draw.

On the aforementioned date, the draw will be carried out in accordance with the following mechanics:
1. Each email that responds to the survey will be assigned a number obtained through the Excel function RANDBETWEEN (1;1000000). This function returns a random value between 1 and 1,000,000. In case two equal values are determined for two different emails, the assignment will be repeated until all values are different.

2. The emails will then be sorted according to the assigned value, thus obtaining a random order from lowest to highest.

In this way, the position of TWENTY (20) emails containing the lowest twenty numbers will be randomly identified as the ten winners of the draw (from the first to the tenth position) and the ten substitutes (one for each prize) who will occupy the following numbers (from the eleventh to the twentieth position).

In any case, Feria Valencia reserves the right to designate and use any other system that guarantees that the selection of the winner of the draw is made randomly and by chance.

If Feria Valencia considers that any fraud, deception or similar action has been committed in relation to the draw or, on the contrary, any act or omission that may have (in the opinion of Feria Valencia, and which is decisive) a negative effect on the draw, on the study and veracity of the data provided, on Feria Valencia itself and/or on its integrity and/or security, Feria Valencia reserves the right to disqualify those winners and not to award them the corresponding prizes.

The claim period for the prize draw ends 3 days after the date following the end of the corresponding participation period.

5. Awards

TEN (ten) identical prizes will be drawn among the participants of each period, which will consist of:

Feria Valencia will arrange for each winner to visit CEVISAMA 2023 (to be held from 27th February to 3rd March 2023) or CEVISAMA 2024 (dates to be confirmed), this includes

· One (1) or two (2) nights’ accommodation in a 4-star hotel or similar in a DUI room on a bed and breakfast basis, excluding any additional services such as a minibar or laundry service. The room must be vacated by 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure, any additional charges for non-compliance will be the responsibility of the winner.
· Restaurant ticket for TWO (2) meals at Feria Valencia (to be exchanged exclusively at the time indicated and at the restaurant(s) selected for this action).
· Other hospitality services: welcome pack, cloakroom service at the exhibition site and transfer service between the exhibition site and the hotel chosen by the organisers (the transfer service will be provided by bus or minibus following a timetable established by the Cevisama organisers. Feria Valencia will not be responsible for any journeys outside these timetables, with other means of transport or with a different origin and/or destination to those indicated).

The images shown in the communications regarding this prize draw (either in emails or on the website), although they are intended to be a faithful reflection, are not contractual images of the prizes to be won.

Feria Valencia does not have any links with any brand or company that graphically illustrates the promotion, nor does it claim any recognition or support from them, which are not participating in this promotion.

The prize is valued at TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY (250€) (tax included) + shipping costs, if necessary.

Feria Valencia reserves the right to change the nature of the prize if this is not possible for reasons beyond its control. In this case it undertakes to ensure that the prize is of similar characteristics to those of the advertised prize and/or that its economic value is similar to that of the advertised prize.

6. Communication and delivery of the prize to the winner

Within a maximum period of one week after the draw, the provisional winners of the prizes will be contacted by email. In the event that the provisional winner cannot be contacted, refuses the prize or does not respond within 3 days of being notified that he/she is the winner, the first alternate will be contacted and the mechanics and terms of contact will be the same. This procedure will only take place once for each prize, so if it is not possible to contact the second selected for each prize (alternate), the prize will be considered void.

The awarding of prizes in this promotion is limited to one (1) prize per winner, up to a maximum of ten (10) winners. The prize can be enjoyed by the winner or the person he/she delegates, as long as he/she can prove that he/she is a professional who is part of the same company.

7. Letter of acceptance of the award

In order to receive the prize, the winner must sign the prize acceptance letter and send it together with a photocopy of his/her ID card to the e-mail address provided.

The letter of acceptance must be completed in full by the winner and a copy of his/her ID card must be attached. It will be considered by the organisation as NOT ACCEPTING THE PRIZE (WAIVER) the return to the organisation of the acceptance letter NOT signed by the winner, or not enclosing a copy of his/her DNI/NIE. Winners who do not submit the letter and/or documentation requested within the period indicated will be deemed to have renounced the prize. The return to the organisation of the letter of acceptance without including the express and unconditional acceptance of the prize by the winners will also be understood as a waiver of the prize, CONDITIONAL OR LIMITED ACCEPTANCES ARE NOT VALID.

8. Cancellation of the draw, modifications and/or annexes

The draw cannot be cancelled once the promotion period has begun. Feria Valencia has the right to postpone, modify, cancel or repeat the promotion and, consequently, the awarding of the prize for unforeseeable reasons, force majeure or for extending the period for obtaining data for its study. In this case, the postponement, modification, cancellation or repetition of the Initiative will be notified to the participants by means of an annex to these rules.

9. Withholding tax

Those prizes whose value exceeds 300 € are subject to withholding or payment on account by virtue of the provisions of Law 35/2006, of 28 November, regulating Personal Income Tax (IRPF), as well as the IRPF Regulations, approved by Royal Decree 439/2007, of 30 March. For these purposes, Feria Valencia, as the taxpayer that pays the income subject to withholding or payment on account, is the party obliged to make the payment of the withholding or payment on account derived from the delivery of said prize. Furthermore, in accordance with the provisions of article 33.1 of the aforementioned Law 35/2006, the winning of a prize of this type constitutes a capital gain for personal income tax purposes for the beneficiary, as it gives rise to a change in the value of his or her assets, as evidenced by an alteration in their composition. Winners may not renounce the prizes once they have been accepted.

10. Advertising

Feria Valencia reserves the right to publish the name and/or image of the winner for promotional purposes if accepted by the winner.

11. Protection of Personal Data

In accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, and Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on Personal Data Protection and guarantee of digital rights, FERIA MUESTRARIO INTERNACIONAL DE VALENCIA – hereinafter FERIA VALENCIA – hereby informs you that the personal data provided on the form for the Economic Impact Study of Feria Valencia will be included in a computerised file for which FERIA VALENCIA is responsible, for the purpose of contacting you in the event that you are the winner of the prize draw, in the event that you are the winner of the prize draw, and in the event that you are the winner of the prize draw. in the event that you are the winner of the draw. The data requested – full name, telephone number and e-mail address – are necessary to fulfil the aforementioned purpose and will only be kept until that time and will not be used for advertising or any other purpose beyond the aforementioned.

Feria Valencia reserves the right to check the veracity of the details provided, as well as those relating to the age and identity of the winner before awarding the prize.

If you wish to exercise your rights of access, rectification, suppression, portability, limitation or opposition to the processing of your personal data, you may contact us by e-mail at or by writing to the following address: Av. De las Ferias s/n. 46035 Valencia or by fax to the number: + 34 / 96 3636111, to the attention of the Information Systems Area. If you do not receive a reply, you can file a complaint with the Supervisory Authority.

More information here.

12. Exclusion of Liability

Feria Valencia accepts no responsibility for possible losses, deterioration, theft, delays or any other circumstance attributable to third parties or the internet that may affect this promotion. Feria Valencia accepts no responsibility for any incidents or events of any kind (for example, the impossibility of registering the details of any participant, interruption or loss of connection…. ) that are caused by a breakdown in the survey platform, in the Feria Valencia website, nor for incidents that are caused by force majeure derived from causes such as a breakdown in the telephone, computer or electricity network, caused by natural external agents (atmospheric, climatological), or by a deficient provision of the service by the companies supplying the service or those responsible for sending the prize.

13. Acceptance of the rules

The mere fact of participating in the draw implies that the user fully accepts the conditions of these legal bases which will be published under the domain of

14. Legislation and jurisdiction

These rules are governed by Spanish Law. The participants accept that any controversy that may arise from the interpretation or execution of the rules will be expressly submitted to the criteria of Feria Valencia and if an extrajudicial solution is not possible, they expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and/or Tribunals of Valencia, Spain.

In Valencia, 23rd January 2023.

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Survey form

Please take the following survey to enter the draw.


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