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ESlab, the pioneering flagship product of Emcer

With an enormous thrust and gigantic investments in design specialization and world’s most cutting-edge technologies, Emcer had stormed into the ceramic industry with the vision to revolutionize the design philosophy of ceramic products. Ever since its inception, it has strived to redefine the design and world-class quality floating in the market and envisage new and unconventional ceramic products in terms of artistic design sense and profound quality standards.
With this kind of soaring ambition, Emcer has conceptualized its most revolutionary, creative and artistic product in the form of eSlab. ESlab is the pioneering flagship product of Emcer, envisaged leveraging futuristic next generation technology and world-class manufacturing magnificence. It is the most sophisticated and revolutionary product that is set to create waves in ceramic industry. It will set the ceramic industry on course to reconfigure its design and manufacturing standards.
It is a product so uniquely crafted that it will be exhilarating to set sight on it. It will delight you to perfection for each of your requirements. Whether the way it is supremely eco-friendly or the way it carries the extraordinary design, eSlab are the most magnificent expression of pure beauty as well as raw strength. It is a rare product, exclusively designed that will WOW you at the first glimpse when you see it.
Emcer designs and manufactures its marvelous eSlab at the state-of-the-art facility located at Gujarat, India. Spread across 234,000 sq. meters of land area. Emcer has deployed Creative & innovative methods in manufacturing to deliver the cutting edge in slabs. It leverages some of the most advanced technologies characterized by LB, System, SMAC, Technoferrari etc. This gives Emcer a rare competitive edge over others. The plant has colossal production capacity of 17.5 million sq. meters per year. While the building area is of massive 149,000 sq. meters, there is an enticing office space of 9,000 sq. meters. It is mammoth manufacturing monument that gives shape to countless scintillating slabs.
Emcer looks forward to welcoming you to feel & Experience eSlab N2-P4-D72.

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