Logo de Feria de Valencia


It is a collection designed by hand, with extreme subtlety in both the bases and decorations. All designs have been hand crafted and subsequently digitized for production in line with new technologies. The graphic is made from a very soft stone, without streaks or contrasts, to create very subdued walls, avoiding sharp contrasts. The 3 tones that make up the collection are derived from natural elements–the WHITE tone with a broken shade of white like cotton, a BONE tone reminiscent of a sandy beach, and a GREY tone, like that of a river stone.

The collection is dressed up with two kinds of relief with a lot of character, but each one conveys different sensations. The MIA relief is inspired by nature, because it imitates a wall of plants moved by the force of wind, transmitting joy and well-being.  The KANT relief, a fairly marked design, is very thin with smooth lines, which imparts simplicity and lightness to the room.

Thanks to its 60×60 coordinated pavement available in the same three colours, you can design rooms with a continuous tone on the floors and walls throughout the house.

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