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Jazz, the new volumetric pieces from Natucer, it transforms walls into sculptures. 

Natucer is relying on Extruded Porcelain Tile 3D, creating walls with current rhythms and making changes depending on perspective and light intensity. The volume and visual view confer personality to the walls where our tiles are displayed.

Jazz has one volumetric format of 17×40 (7”x16”) in six different colors and glossy finish, that alongside with the flat base Luz of 5,5×40 (2.5”x16”), create unique combinations.

The series comes with a huge chromatic range with personal character, where combined neutral colors: Luz (white), Copper (gold-cooper) y Chrome (silver) with other more vibrant and daring: Red, Green and Blue. These pieces are optimal for wet spaces, both inside and outside, thanks to its ease of cleaning and inalterability of the material over the time, which gives it an add value.

This collection is inspired in the Jazz music style, creating harmonious sequences in search of their own character. It also stands out for the rhythm and movement offered by the waves sculpted in the pieces, giving a feeling of well-being and calm.

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