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Natucer presents Hip Hop, architectures pieces with optical effects

Natucer is relying on development of tridimensional wall tiles with the aim of created different spaces. Not only highlights its technical functionality, that shows a new way of inspiration.

Hip Hop presents a volumetric format of 15×40 in four neutral colors: Dark (black), Aluminium (grey), Bianco (white) and Caldaia (terracotta), that remember us the natural mud with the white base Bianco 10×40 that makes unique combinations.

Hip Hop serie is a Extruded Porcelain Tile 3D with matt finish that contrast with the volume of its pieces. Spaces seems to expand and thanks to the illumination a magic atmosphere of light and shadows will be create.

This architectonical collection is inspired in the 70s, and focused in the Hip Hop, in search of differentiation and exclusivity. Both musical style and pieces from Natucer converge on a rhythmic basis, where the main aim is to create a visual impact. Hip Hop seeks to create daring and avant-garde environments.

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