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Faster and more efficient, industrialised construction is set for show of strength at Cevisama 2023

The 39th edition of Cevisama is set to launch The New Arquitectonics, a new space that will show the latest trends in industrialised construction. It will feature a zone built entirely using this kind of technique and the foremost brands in the sector will be taking part, exhibiting everything from ceramic to claddings, home automation, lighting, bathrooms, kitchens and energy efficiency.

The move means that the leading fair for the ceramic tile, bathroom and natural stone industry, taking place at Feria Valencia from 27th February to 3rd March, is expanding is offering by adding the new concepts that are driving the industry whilst responding to another of its needs.

Valencia, 16th February 2023.- Less waste, more efficient, quick and sustainable. Industrialised construction is slowly gaining supporters in the sector, not just because it is more environmentally friendly but also because it offers the potential to reduce production costs and use innovative methodologies, breaking with the more traditional methods of construction.

The new concept will have its own space at Cevisama 2023, the leading fair for the ceramic tile, bathroom and natural stone sector, which takes place at Feria Valencia from 27th February to 3rd March. The New Arquitectonics offers fresh content for Cevisama and the opportunity for professionals to find out about the latest trends in the industry. The space will therefore feature big brands that are already working on this type of construction, plus an example of a home created entirely by using this type of technique.

Novodecor By Reymansa Core System, Tarimatec, IberpoligraphCronotectura Steel, Frame and Imnove Industrialización Modular, all at the cutting edge of the industry, will be at Cevisama showing new materials, systems and R, D+i processes related to industrialised construction.

A powerful discussion forum

This new section of the fair will also include a powerful discussion forum aimed at the construction sector. Led by prominent professionals, the discussions will address issues such as bioconstruction, industrialisation in construction, new materials, the circular economy and sustainability as the key to the future.

On Tuesday 28th February, a session led by Alejandro Lacuesta (Arqueha), Jaime Sanahuja (Sanahuja & Partners), Ruben Navarro (Inhaus) and Ángel Alfocea (Wes) will focus on industrialisation in construction. After that, there will be a round table with representatives of IC-10, NIU, ISG, Engels & Volkers and AEDAS to debate these subjects in greater depth.

The late afternoon session will discuss R+D+I systems and processes and also the route to follow in industrialised construction. Speakers this time will include Pablo Elvira and José Fenollosa, of Off Site, Rodrigo Martínez-Garrido, of Cronotectura, Rocío Pina, of Enorme Studio and Mario Pérez, of IHD. After the presentations there will be a round table discussion on the subject, with participants including Bysos, DIAB, Tinyliving, Estelae and Geo Concept.

New materials and industrialization for tourism

On Wednesday 1st March the spotlight will be on new materials and the opportunities industrialisation offers for tourism.

The first event of the day will be at 11.30: a presentation on flexible, dry refurbishment as part of a business plan for hotels, given jointly by Teresa Sapey (Teresa Sapey), Gema Alfaro (Alfaro-Manriqye), Juan Ranchal (Janfri / Ranchal) and Jordi Cuenca (Verum Arquitectura Hoteles). Taking part in the round table will be Luis Fernández (Sweet Hoteles), Juan Carlos Sanjuan (Casual Hoteles), Santi Perez (Mondragón Hospitality), Iker Llano (Intur Hoteles), Tomás Alias (Estudio Caramba) and Elisa Fernández (Eco-one)

The 16.00 session will address opportunities derived from industrialisation in the tourism sector, with speakers including Daniel Mayo (Vivood), Antonio Peláez (Hotel Convento La Magdalena), Ángel Zaragoza and Borja Costa (Room Wine) and Pilar Rodríguez (NH Hoteles). A round table will follow, with representatives of AECOM, Aldaba Partners, Rustice and Grupo Talasur.

The future: sustainability and the circular economy

The New Architectonics programme will begin its final day with a fascinating session: House-making factories. Production potential. Ángel Alfocea (Wes), Sergio Baragaño (Room2030), Jesús Herranz (Viraje / Ubiko) and Manuel Lobo (Xilonor / Finsa) will analyse the new industry and the advantages it will bring in the near future. The round table that follows will see other companies in the industry, represented by Amparo Ramón of Sky Living, Tatiana Moya of Via Agora / Lignum Tech, Ernesto Molinos of Hermo, Pascual Pesudo, of Efficient Manufactured Building and Unai Gorroño of Egoin take the discussion further.

To bring this first discussion forum on industrialised construction to a close, Eduardo Gutiérrez (ON-A), Sonia Hernández (Arquitectura Sana), Arturo Fernández (Construcia) and Zdenka Lara (Eco-one) will talk about bioconstruction and the circular economy, two issues set to mark out the future. After their session there will be a discussion panel, led by Daniel Guzmaz (Ecohub), Alfons Ventura (GBCE), Felipe Pich-Aguilera (Picharchitects), Clara Plata (City Málaga) and Fernando Olba (Olba A+U).

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