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Large groups of buyers and specifiers from the United States, France and Germany set to visit Cevisama

Cevisama is still working on the preparations for the upcoming edition of the fair, which takes place from 20th to 24th February at Feria Valencia and is expected to be bigger than ever in terms of both content and the number of professionals set to visit. As part of this ...

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Supercerámica SA will present NEVADA

La empresa Supercerámica SA mostrará en la próximo Cevisama 2017: NEVADA Serie en Mate y disponible en 5 colores. Formato 20×50 : Disponible en Blanco, Gris, Marron, Marfil

Sanycces will present Adapt Bathtub and Kahuri Shower enclosure

Sanycces will present Adapt Bathtub and Kahuri Shower enclosure Kahuri Shower enclosure With 8mm glass and 210cm total height, Kahuri overcomes the concept of shower enclosure to become an architectural enclosure with a high aesthetic character. ...

(Español) Grupo Halcón Cerámicas mostrará sus nuevas colecciones Baltimore y Concrete

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

Bathco will present in Cevisama 2017 Gold & Silver Collection and Atelier Projects

Bathco presentará, entre otras, la colección Gold & Silver y Atelier Projects Atelier Projects What if the white canvas is your project? Bathco gives you the opportunity to bring art to your space; a unique corner that asks to be dressed up ...

Peronda Ceramics will present SENSE and FORESTA SAWNCUT collections

Peronda Cerámicas will present in Cevisama 2017 SENSE and SENSE Is an innovative collection of white body wall tiles from Peronda Cerámicas. The exclusive 33 x 100 cm format reflects a whole new concept in wall tiles that adds a sense of ...

Emigres will present Medina Collection

EMIGRES will present in Cevisama 2017 the collection Medina: MEDINA The Medina collection is the new wall tile project developed by Emigres in the size 20×60 cm. A very modern range, in line with the new decorative trends and inspired by ...

Accesorios de baño Taberner nos presenta la serie NATURE

Accesorios de baño Taberner presentará en Cevisama 2017 la serie NATURE: NATURE La empresa Accesorios de baño Taberner nos sorprende un año más con su nueva serie Nature, una serie moderna con lineas orgánicas y un diseño diferente. Bañado en ...

UNICER will show SOLID and KENZO120 COLLECTION in Cevisama 2017

UNICER will show in Cevisama 2017: Solid Collection As its name suggests, the collection Solid bet for an aesthetic that conveys strength and a deep character, strength and cohesion. Effect cement worn intense air graphics beguiling as a whole, ...


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