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18th Tile Installers Gathering turns spotlight on latest materials and techniques

Part of the official CevisamaLab 2017 programme, the 18th consecutive Tile Installers Gathering organised by Proalso in collaboration with Cevisama is a must-attend event for every visitor. An event that has retained its essence with every passing edition but that every year offers fresh new content in its programme of activities and demonstrations of ceramic tile installation systems.
This year visitors will see major new features on Stand C78, Level 2, Pavilion 32. Proalso has invested substantial effort in making the event the best possible promotion of the tile installer’s skills, whilst raising the profile of the profession to its due status across the industry. The event helps enhance Proalso’s visibility, reinforce its main objectives, improve the perception of quality associated with the profession and highlight the importance of installers in getting the latest innovations in ceramic materials and systems properly established in the marketplace.
This year’s gathering is very special for Proalso as it will include the official launch of the UNE 138002 Standard General Regulations governing the installation of ceramic tile coverings by means of adhesives. The recent publication of this Standard is undoubtedly a milestone that has far-reaching implications for the whole sector. “At Proalso we celebrate it, especially as it represents the culmination of a two year long process in which we had the opportunity to co-ordinate the working party that drafted the Standard,” said a representative.
The launch is due to take place at 12.00 on Thursday 23rd of February in the Joaquín Rodrigo room in the Mall of Pavilion 3. The presidents of Ascer, Andimac, Anfapa, the CTN138 and Proalso will be present, as will the Department of Housing’s Director General for Housing and Urban Renovation and Regeneration.
Proalso is hoping that members, professionals, supporters and friends will come along and the association has planned a busy schedule of demonstrations of installing ceramic systems, materials and accessories. “We have 5 demonstration sets where we will be using new materials along with alternative, innovative and functional solutions supplied by sponsors that have been designed specifically for technical and decorative ceramic tiles. It is in this area that the ceramic materials that are available are polarizing towards larger, thinner formats and offering solutions for new, high specification architectural uses where the role of the installer and his qualifications – and especially the Professional Floor and Wall Tile Installer’s Accreditation – are a major factor in terms of final quality,” the representative added.
Over the five days of the fair visitors will be able to see a wide range of decorative ceramic tiles in the installation demonstrations, from the latest collections by Saloni and Ragno, including new colours, textures, relief effects, formats and combinations. There will also be demonstrations of cutting, handling and installing 240x210cm, 6mm thick BPlus ceramic sheets.  A sports swimming pool created by Gres Aragón, illustrating more technical aspects of ceramic, complements the general offering.
In addition to the ceramic tiles, the show also features all kinds of fixing materials, grouting and treatments of support surfaces, from Sika, Cementos Capa and Grupo Puma. This edition will also see the very first facade erected using the SATE system with ceramic tiles by Propamsa-Marmox. Complementing the demonstrations of tile fixing there will be demonstrations of installing decorative profiling, expansion joints and new accessories from EMAC’s product catalogue. Last but not least is the kit that these jobs cannot be done without – equipment, tools and cutting machines – and the audience will be treated to demonstrations of the latest generation of these from Rubí.
As usual, the association has selected the professionals who represent the profession and Proalso in the realization of the works for different demonstrations.
There will be team of five Proalso installers who hold the Professional Floor and Wall Tile Installer Accreditation: Javier Gómez, Joaquín Carríon, Miguel Ángel Cortés, Oscar Montoro and José Rodriguez.  
Anyone interested in attending the Installers Gathering events or wanting to find out more about training opportunities to obtain the Professional Floor and Wall Tile Installer Accreditation or other services Proalso offers, should go to stand C78, pavilion 3, level 2, from 09.00 to 13.30 and from 15.00 to 19.00. In collaboration with Rubí, equipment and machinery sponsor, a batch of products from Rubí´s current catalogue will be given to the partners of Proalso.

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