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The New Architectonics Forum

A powerful forum for debate aimed at the industrialised construction sector.

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José María Quirós









“The New Architectonics 2023 was the perfect forum to address the reality of industrialisation in Spain, the challenges posed by this innovative construction system and the solutions.

It confirmed that Modern Methods of Construction represent the best solution for high quality, better finished and sustainable housing. An execution that requires less effort thanks to industrial manufacturing”.

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Tomás Alías









“It is always a pleasure to visit Cevisama and discover unique ceramic wall and floor tiles at the benchmark event for the Spanish tile industry.

Moreover, initiatives as surprising as The New Architectonics, where I had the opportunity to participate, highlight new ways of conceiving architecture in communion with design and sustainability, key aspects nowadays when it comes to tackling projects”.

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Ruben Navarro López









“It was a privilege to be able to share our experience and expertise at this event, surrounded by passionate and visionary architecture professionals. The receptive and enthusiastic audience allowed us to present the revolutionary breakthroughs we have achieved, demonstrating how our transformative vision is redefining the way we build homes.”

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Miguel Díaz
Ruiz-Larrea Arquitectura









“The New Architectonics is a privileged meeting place to continue innovating together with suppliers, industry and professional colleagues, an ideal meeting point to find synergies and anticipate both trends and the demands of a market that increasingly demands more efficiency and higher levels of sustainability”.

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Zdenka Lara









“Cevisama has allowed us to enjoy an experience at the highest level. Getting to know the new construction models that have been presented there, and the infinite possibilities they offer, show that technology and sustainable interior design can go hand in hand”.

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Alejandro Lacuesta









“The setting provided by the organisers has allowed us to exchange ideas and knowledge with professionals who, like us, continue to explore new ways of designing, developing and building architectural projects.

The influence and reception that the Cevisama event has on the real estate sector is reflected in the importance of generating debates such as these. It is essential to have events that stimulate and embrace trends in the field of architecture and construction”.

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Paco Moreno
Slim Solid Surface









“We are excited to present our product at The New Architectonics, which has emerged as one of the foremost forums for driving innovation and industrialization in the field of construction.

Additionally, we are eagerly anticipating being part of Cevisama on its 40th anniversary. It is sure to be a very special event, where we look forward to sharing and discussing new ceramic trends to incorporate into our projects.”


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Juan Carlos Sanjuán
Casual Hoteles









“The New Arquitectonics’ proposal is based on the relationship between new trends and innovative companies with clients who require new technologies, perfectly fulfilling the expectations created.”

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Gema Alfaro
Alfaro – Manrique Atelier









“Participating in The New Architectonic is a great opportunity not only to visit an area of the fair dedicated to innovation that is very enriching for any professional in the sector, but also to debate with colleagues who are benchmarks, which leads to enriching reunions. We can catch up with each other on what we are doing and participate in a debate of great added value from which we all come away highly motivated”.

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Roberto Ruedas









“Sharing our point of view as developers with the different professionals in the sector and especially in industrialisation gives us a clear vision of the weight it is gaining in our country and the commitment of construction companies to this new model.

For Skyliving it is very enriching to be able to participate and share a table with the other speakers that Cevisama convenes”.


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