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The most expressive decoration and a commitment to colour inspire Gayafores’ new collections presented at Cevisama 2024

New collections with the timeless ceramic essence for new lifestyles. These are the latest creations that Gayafores brings to Cevisama 2024.

Starting from February 26th, new decorative porcelain tile collections: Deco Pottery, Deco Allure and Tessela, along with the rest of the porcelain floor and wall tile collections, Spider Gold, Calacatta Monet, Montblack, Travertino, Quartz, Savana, Deco Lingot, and Soleil, will be showcased in a special exhibition at our company’s space in Feria Valencia, Pavilion 2 Level 2 Stand D18.


The new collections designed by Gayafores for their launch at Cevisama 2024 reflect the strength of the most expressive decoration and the use of colour, highlighting the “ceramic” character of the company. Tradition, experience, and innovation come together in the new porcelain products developed to decorate elegant and impactful spaces. Furthermore, for each new Gayafores collection, multiple “looks” are proposed, combining them to enhance the qualities of each one and creating highly attractive combinations that awaken unique emotions and perceptions.


DECO POTTERY: Ceramic inspiration. Pure craftsmanship.

Collection of decorative porcelain tiles that reinterprets the concept of “visible earth” from artisanal pottery, adapting it to a relief of modern aesthetics. The natural texture of the clay remains visible, framing each strip, giving it a warm and organic appearance and enhancing the essence of the hand-applied glazes, which merge with the clay creating unique textures and effects, thanks to a careful application of digital material. The colour palette of the Deco Pottery collection reproduces the unique hues of traditional glaze reactions on clay and establishes a range of five balanced and timeless tones around it, Cream, Nude, Terra, Apple y Navy.

DECO ALLURE: Colour and personality. Traditional charm.

Collection of decorative porcelain tiles inspired by hand-carved glazed terracotta tiles. Developed in a format of 32×62.5 cm, it reproduces in relief 24 rectangular tiles with uneven joints, approximate thicknesses, and slightly irregular surfaces. A controlled irregular aspect and a palette of vibrant tones of great beauty and versatility allow the Deco Allure collection to create environments by itself. The colour palette of the Deco Allure collection responds to a greater boldness in the use of colour in the most current interiors. Rose, Blue, Honey, Green y White, five shades inspired by Mediterranean landscapes with which we can create expressive walls, with lively and optimistic colours, giving greater authenticity to spaces.

TESSELA: Hand-drawn geometries. Hydraulic as mosaic.

Collection of decorative porcelain tiles inspired by the reinterpretation of traditional hydraulic tiles as tessellated mosaic. Drawing upon traditional designs of hydraulic tiles, we have created mosaics by hand-drawing hundreds of tesserae that shape the characteristic geometries of these tile designs, maintaining the original colors and graphic details but breaking them into small fragments to reinterpret them as mosaics. A meticulous handmade work for a unique and surprising result. The colour palette has been built based on the idea of ​​standardizing the variability of tones of the original hydraulics, defining five colours as the core and evolving each of them around its main tone in the different fragments, giving shape with each colour to the original geometries. Rose, Blue, Honey, Green, and White form the central palette, beautiful and balanced, five timeless, foundational tones with great appeal.

SPIDER GOLD: A Unique Visual Experience. Magnificent Ritual Marble.

A marble-style porcelain collection inspired by the splendid Golden Spider Marble from Greece, a masterpiece of nature that offers an immaculate white canvas upon which a subtle web of veins resembling spiderwebs unfolds. Neutral tones with warm glimmers and subtle digital material applications give it a distinctive and elegant appearance. A confident choice to add sophistication to the most avant-garde interior design projects.

CALACATTA MONET: Sublime Elegance and Style. Exquisite Exceptional Marble.

Inspired by the famous Italian marble from the Apuan Alps, this porcelain collection reproduces the beauty of a pattern of dark veining with subtle shades of purples and ochres running through a light and slightly warm background with rich detailing and soft natural washes, allowing us to enjoy its elegance while exalting its natural beauty and luxury. The digital material applied in varying intensities enhances the smoothness of the backgrounds and intensifies the strength of the veins, giving each piece an exclusive character.

MONTBLACK: Absolute Beauty. Black and White Sensations.

Porcelain design inspired by Negresco, a granite from Brazil with a very special surface. Its flawless charcoal black background, enriched with smoky undulations, is crossed by bold veins, like white quartz lightning bolts, creating truly natural and visually stimulating pieces. We reproduce a three-dimensional effect graphic on a smooth surface that provides a sensation of physical texture and enhance the white veins with digital material. A collection of great beauty that adds an exclusive and sophisticated character to spaces, creating unique and stylish surfaces.

TRAVERTINO: Designed by Nature. Unique Travertine.

Porcelain collection inspired by Travertino Walnut, originating from Ancient Persia, one of the most exquisite variations of this marble type due to its rich hues, the beauty and flow of the veined patterns on its “vein-cut” surface, and the characteristic interplay of golden and walnut brown tones from the original natural marble. Its unpredictable beauty and earthy colors with organic gradients respond to a trend focused on bringing the natural world into homes and its well-being benefits. Our Travertine reconnects nature with our living spaces, emphasizing warmth, textural richness, and standing out for its astonishing beauty and graphic diversity, a natural variation of organic aesthetics and renewed vitality.

QUARTZ: Stones Matter. Essential Metasandstone.

This sandstone-style porcelain collection is “improved nature”! The most real and raw surfaces are reimagined in their purest and idealized form, seeking perfection within themselves. Quartz embodies the concept of “Meta Sandstone,” an elevated design that reflects the true honesty of sandstone in its natural state and the perfection of unaltered material free from mineral impurities. It emerges as if freshly crystallized in its original grayish-white tone, recapturing its purest quartz appearance. A collection of sophisticated and subtle impact, with universal natural appeal.

SAVANA: Limestone of Exquisite Purity. Extreme Natural Balance.

A soft and fine-grained stone-style porcelain collection that brings timeless elegance and sophistication to any style of decor. It is inspired by the search for the eternal, matte, perfect, fine, and smooth surface of the most natural and compact limestones. Nature itself defines the surface aesthetics with gentle nuances, featuring a sanded treatment that evens out its structure, projecting exquisite regularity and enhancing its natural beauty. Its purity and simplicity adorn surfaces with luminosity and spaciousness, and its versatility offers a wide range of possibilities in the most contemporary projects.

DECO LINGOT: Elevate Your Walls. Vertical Colorful Relief.

A decorative porcelain collection inspired by the trend of cladding walls with vertically ribbed relief motifs, a creative way to add visual interest and create unique walls in any space you wish to decorate. The versatility of the Deco Lingot collection extends to its ability to combine with a wide variety of other materials: wood, stone, marble, or any other type of surface, to create unique and attractive spaces. The glossy granule finish also adds a touch of elegance and luxury to the wall, reflecting light beautifully and making the space feel more open and bright. The Blue, Mint, Aqua, and Coral tones can create fresh, vibrant, and balanced environments, complementing each other or combined with White for a modern and attractive decoration.

SOLEIL: Radiant Beauty. Where History Meets Style.

A decorative porcelain collection inspired by the sun and optimism, combining the beauty of geometric designs with the elegance of arabesque motifs. It is designed to convey a sense of joy and positivity through visually striking and symbolic patterns and colors. It seeks to inspire a warm and welcoming, cheerful and optimistic atmosphere in the spaces where it is used. Its rich cultural history and intricate design make it suitable for those who appreciate art and uniqueness in interior decoration. The Mint, Bordeaux, and Blue tones provide a fresh and sophisticated base, while Orange adds vitality and contrast. All of them balance soft and vivid tones, making Soleil suitable for a wide variety of decorative styles.

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