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The Trans/Hitos 18 Ceramics and Architecture Exhibition at Cevisama will be held under the motto “Cycles”

Trans/Hitos 2018: Cycles will be the 13th Trans/Hitos event to be held at the Valencia Trade Fair during the international CEVISAMA trade show, reflecting new ways of applying ceramics in architecture, promoted by CEVISAMA, with the support of ASCER, exhibition concept, design, and execution being coordinated by ITC.
Trans/Hitos 2018 will again be present at the upcoming CEVISAMA show at the Valencia Trade Fair, from 5 to 9 February 2018, under the motto “Cycles”, this being the 13th consecutive Trans/Hitos event at the hub of the most prestigious sectoral trade show.
According to the organisation: “Cycles, from the Greek circle or wheel, refer to a period of time that includes a series of characteristic phenomena and that, on ending, starts anew. The term refers here to a new way of understanding architecture. Now that the last phase in which this discipline has been immersed appears to be practically over, a new cycle can be glimpsed in which what has been learnt in recent years seems to take on great significance. This understanding has led to a new way of doing architecture, far removed from the ‘great’ commissions. Architecture is involved that focuses on people and attempts to solve their problems. This explains the increase in citizen participation processes, which seek to prioritize users’ needs, or the ever more frequent social architecture projects, which usually respond to an immediate need resulting from some type of crisis, or to political or environmental issues.” And they add: “All this is set in a context of sustainability, in which regeneration and reuse will play an important role in this new phase. The recovery both of spaces and of materials leads us towards architecture where tradition will coexist with other such innovative features in the world of architecture as the circular economy”.
The exhibition is promoted by the CEVISAMA organisation with the support of the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association (ASCER) and has been designed and executed by the Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica (ITC).
The exhibition areas include the space “Screen”, a work by Elena Oleza and Louis Sicard, winner of the CEVISAMA competition held for the third year running with the collaboration of ASCER and ITC aimed at promoting the use of ceramics.
At this Trans/Hitos event, the collaboration of the University of Harvard Graduate School of Design has enabled creation of a space in which slim, large-sized pieces become the basis for the generation of interlocking arches that form a pergola. On the other hand, Wesam Asali, winner of the ASCER 2017 Award in the Degree Project category, will display the space: “Ceramic Vault”, in which ceramic tiles become part of the load-bearing structure itself.
In addition, there will be an area devoted to the exhibition of projects from the Ceramic Tile Studies Departments and of the winning projects in the XVIth Tile of Spain Awards of Architecture and Interior Design Ceramics Awards, both initiatives promoted by ASCER to foster the use of ceramics by those working in fields such as architecture, technical architecture, design, and construction.
On the Trans/Hitos Ceramics and Architecture Exhibition
The Trans/Hitos Ceramics and Architecture Exhibition started out at the CEVISAMA trade show in 2005 with a view to displaying, during this key trade fair for the global ceramic industry, the new uses and applications that ceramic materials could offer architecture, urban development, interior design, and other domains. The Trans/Hitos Exhibition puts forward transgressive proposals in which ceramics provide a great variety of construction solutions that combine excellent quality and technical performance with multiple aesthetic proposals, accompanied by the latest habitat trends for both domestic and public living environments.
The exhibition is promoted by the CEVISAMA organisation with the support of ASCER and is designed and executed ITC.

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