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World’s finest architects bring second day of Cevisama 2023 to close

Minister Maroto highlights Cevisama’s role as showcase for strengths and future of ceramic industry.

The second day of Cevisama came to a close on a real high point. More than 700 pepole filled the auditorium at Feria Valencia’s Events Centre, which has been the venue for a new round of the Architecture Forum, a leading event for architects, interior designers, designers and decorators that featured an excellent cast: three of the world’s leading architects.

Francis Kére, winner of the Prizker prize in 2022, Anne Lacaton, 2021 Prizker winner and David Chipperfield delivered three master presentations that gave the audience an insight into how they perceive architecture. The presentations demonstrate Cevisama’s commitment to promoting architecture and design and constituted the best Architecture Forum yet, featuring three top figures and a packed auditorium.

Also today, the Minister for Industry, Reyes Maroto, visited Cevisama and underscored the part the fair plays as a showcase for the strengths and the future of the ceramic sector.

The world’s top three architects come to Cevisama

First to step onto the stage was British architect David Chipperfield. The designer of the Veles e Vents building spoke about the renovation of the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin, an icon of 20th century architecture and the only building that architect Mies van der Rohe created in Europe after he emigrated to the United States. Chipperfield talked about the challenges involved in the restoration of the 50-year-old building that had to be approached cautiously and, more importantly, sustainably as well as taking into account that the building is catalogued as a monument. “It needed ot be preserved without compromising its appearance visually”, the architect explained, adding that the remodelling was in no way a reinterpretation of the building but, rather, a “respectful repair”.

Next up was renowned French architect Anne Lacaton, who gave an excellent presentation on the transformation of some housing in the Grand Parc in Bordeaux (France), a project she undertook in the 60s that was a response to the growing demand for housing following the 2nd World War. Lacaton had to tackle an ambitious plan to refurbish 530 of the 4000 homes in the area. The aim was to deal with the opposite problem: the depopulation of that district. Lacaton explained how they approached the project, which was to create social housing. Firstly, they retained the original structure of the two buildings. “We wanted to preserve everything that we might be able to use for the transformation to be as sustainable as possible”, she explained in her presentation, delivered via video link. One of the cornerstones of the project was to provide each home with a private, south-facing outside space. “The way these outside gardens are arranged also affects the thermal performance of the buildings’ cladding”, she remarked.

Last to take to the stage and topping the bill at this Architecture Forum, was Francis Kéré, winner of the Pritzker prize in 2022 and the first African to win global architecture’s most significant accolade.

An architect, educator and social activist originally from Burkina Faso, Kéré talked about the the Léo Surgical and Health Centre in his native country, a fully functional building that he used local material, specifically clay, to build and that receives thousands of patients every day. “You can do a lot with very little”, he said, adding that the project involved entire families from the area. “It is a small miracle”.

It is Kéré’s signature style to work largely in areas where there are many limitations, using local materials and to do so as sustainably as possible so that the project delivers returns and improvements for the local community.

Minister for industry visits Cevisama

The Minister for Industry, Reyes Maroto, visited Cevisama today and met a number of the exhibitors.

“At Cevisama we are going to be able to see some of the strengths of the industry and the innovations it is producing. Most of all, though, we will see just how strong our ceramic tile sector is as an exporter”, she claimed during her tour of the show. She underscored the industry’s value chain and added that returning to Cevisama “is a pleasure” and that the fair “has returned to its full splendour”.

She also said that she had come to Cevisama to show her support for the trade associations and to find “the route for them to be able to access financial support mechanisms that are linked to the impact of the war on the gas-intensive industry’. After her tour of the fair, she met with ceramic tile operators and trade association Ascer.

Prize for the best stand

On this second day, Cevisama awarded a Prize to the best stand, given I partnership with CDICV. The winning company this year was Neolith, whilst the runner-up was Roca Tiles and the third prize went to Vives Azulejos and Gres jointly. Two special mentions were awarded as well: one to Poalgi and the other to Griferías Maier.

The prizes rated the quality of the stand’s design, innovation, shapes and materials and the overall harmony between the stand as a unit and the products on show as content.

The prizes are designed to recognise and spur the effort exhibitors and interior designers invest in creating their exhibition spaces.


Interior design talks. Joaquín Rodrigo Room.

11.00h.Talk given by Superestudio.

12.30. Talk given by Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari.

BRICK DAY. HISPALYT. Joaquín Rodrigo Room.

12.30. Renewable hydrogen and its applications in industry. Juan José Rodríguez Ballesteros. Member and founder, greenb2e group.

13.15. Forthcoming approval of RD 20/2022 grants, based on the European Commission’s Time Timeline. 2022-2023 campaigns to promote ceramic materials. Elena Santiago Monedero. General Secretary, Hispalyt.

16h Coffee with the Experts – Opportunities for the construction materials sector in the Central Asian region. Joaquín Rodrigo Room.

The New Architectonics Forum

11.30 – 13.30. New materials. Flexible and dry refurbishment in a hotel property’s business plan.

Speakers: Estudio Caramba: Tomás Alias; Janfri / Ranchal: Juan Ranchal; Verum Arquitectura Hoteles: Jordi Cuenca; Alfaro-Manriqye: Gema Alfaro

+ Round Table. Ramón Garayar (GAT Gestion); Sweet Hoteles: Luis Fernández; Casual Hoteles: Juan Carlos Sanjuan; Mondragón Hospitality: Santi Pérez; Intur Hoteles: Iker Llano; Eco-one: Elisa Fernández & Zdenka Lara

16.00 – 18.00. Opportunities arising from industrialization in tourism.

Speakers: Vivood: Daniel Mayo; Hotel Convento La Magdalena: Antonio Pelaez; · Room Wine: Ángel Zaragoza and Borja Costa; NH Hoteles: Pilar Rodríguez

+ Round Table. Moderator: Carmen Barasona. AECOM: Teresa González; Aldaba Partners: Estanis Gómez; Rustice: Sara Sanchis; Grupo Talasur: Pedro García

Cevisama Build Forum (N3 P1)

BIM, Sustainability and Circular Economy. BIMEXPO

10.30. BIM and Circular Economy. Discussion to evaluate the possibilities that BIM offers in relation to Circular Economy, analysis of lifecycle, decarbonisation etc.

11.30. The benefits of BIM during the design phase. Discussion to evaluate the benefits BIM offers to the design phase, for architects, property developers and manufacturers.

12.30. Costs of adopting and using BIM. Discussion to evaluate what adopting BIM involves, the cost of the investment, steps to be taken etc.

16.00. Would you like to transform your business by making workflows efficient? An easy path to digital transformation. Luz Fabregat Gálvez (CEO) Redarquia Digital.

17.00. creative freedom for ventilated and SATE facades. Guillermo Muñiz, Sales Director, Sto Ibérica.

17.45. Today we’re not talking about technology. Understand digitalisation from the business perspective. Cegid Ekon and Premium partner Cegid Ekon Advantic Consultores.

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